Red Light.

  Kev.Ifty 21:38 08 Jul 2005

Why is it that when i lift my optical mouse from the mouse pad, the red light dims ?


  Forum Editor 23:36 08 Jul 2005

on the USB port.

If it didn't, and you accidentally left the mouse upside down while you took the dog for a walk it would lie there, light going at full blast for no reason, so it dims to conserve power - usually after 1 second of inactivity.

  Kev.Ifty 23:44 09 Jul 2005

Thanks FE. Not very exciting reason is it?

I thought at least stuff like 'Calibration' and 'Sensors' might get a mention!
Oh well...

Funny though, i did used to have a dog like that. ;-)


  Pooke 23:57 09 Jul 2005

yep power saving, with logitech models, instead of dimming to save power it just doesn't flash as much. See click here**&p_li=&p_topview=1


  Forum Editor 19:35 11 Jul 2005

Computing is often not very exciting - in fact most of the time it isn't. It's a fact of life that we humans are very quickly bored. When first we get involved with computers it's all new, and very exciting - just how does that box of bits do all those wonderful things?

Very rapidly we begin to take it all for granted, and as the computer becomes an integral part of our lives we accept that it will do just about anything we need it to do - we're not that interested in 'how?' any more, just in 'when?'
The humble mouse, coupled with the GUI (Graphic User Interface) that you see on your screen, is nothing short of a technological miracle, but we take it all for granted. Something that hadn't even been dreamed off when some of us were young is now no more than "Not very exciting". That's progress for you.

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