Red crosses in boxes - again !

  jack 20:19 28 Jul 2004

I know this topic been done to death ,but a search on this list has not turned up anything under boxes and red crosses
or any other key word reference I can think of so................
I have been sending photos and documents with screen shots to members of my group.
Each and every one of whem has reported - 'didn't get the pictures only the boxes and crosses'
One even using the OE reply function simply typed over my original message so I got it all back complete with the pictures he says he did not get.
One says he did not get the pictures, and he is using Incredimail, which is pictures............
Now as I understand it Out look Ecpress will recieve HTML without adjustment.
Also when I send pictures I can only do so if I am composing and sending in HTML.
Some are AOL which can be a complication. I am told.
Is there then anything I can tell these people to do to ensure that get the picture?

  Charence 20:32 28 Jul 2004

You can view them in the OE but the others cannot - have I understood that correctly?

You're sending your pictures in HTML, have you attached a copy of the picture to go with the message as well? If you do not do that, then the recipent will only receive the HTML not the pictures because they will be on a different computer (unless you have put your pictures on a server and have linked to it in the HTML).

You must attach the pictures in the e-mail as well.

  jack 22:23 28 Jul 2004

Charance. what you have said has an incling of what could be the problem, but I just cannot grasp exactly what it is 'I' should have done.

What I fact did was in instance 1/ To compose the
the complete item in word. then creating an Empty E-mail Inserted the document The pictures appeared. So I Sent it.

In another instance I composed in Outlook and inserted the pictures as appropriate on the page.
What an I missing out?

  Charence 22:43 28 Jul 2004

In Outlook, when you compose a new message there should be a button that looks like a paperclip. This is the "ATTACHMENT" button. You should also be able to find it in the toolbar.

Once you click the button, just browse for your pictures and attach them to the E-mail.


  Dorsai 04:37 29 Jul 2004

A search of microsoft knowledge base for red crosses shows many results, and many reasons.

they all seem to boil down to the fact that the porgram knows there is a graphic to display but can't display it (corrupted image file/format of file not supported on the recievers PC/file not found. etc)


WD2002: Picture Is Displayed as Red "X" in Document

(291346) - In Microsoft Word 2002, when you open a document that contains pictures and that was created in an earlier version of Word, some of the pictures may be displayed as a partial red X or an entire red X.

end quote.

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