red adsl light speedtouch

  bta1 18:02 16 Mar 2008

Hi, aol went down last night for me and it's now back up but the adsl light on my speedtouch router is red. it isn't flashing or anyhting it just stays red, but i can connect to the interent fine.
Does anyone know why this might be?
Also, i can't find the number you put into IE to get the configuration settings up does anyone know it?

  woodchip 18:05 16 Mar 2008

have you rebooted the router modem

  bta1 18:18 16 Mar 2008

If you mean just turned it off and back on then yes, but i havn't reset it.
Is taht something i should do? If i do that i will be a bit lost on how to get it going again.

  woodchip 18:23 16 Mar 2008

you should have a cd for setting it up along with user name and password

  woodchip 18:24 16 Mar 2008

ps if it's working ok i would leave it

  MAJ 18:29 16 Mar 2008

[quote]Also, i can't find the number you put into IE to get the configuration settings up does anyone know it?[/quote]

Go to Start > Run, type in:


and click OK. Then into the command window, type:


and press the Return key on your keyboard. The "Default Gateway" address is what you type into your browser to get to the router's configuration page.

  six-h 18:32 16 Mar 2008

Don't know which speedtouch router you are using, and must admit, I'm a bit lost with mine which is a 585v6.
I recall that one of the lights, (mine has, power, Ethernet which I don't use, WAN, DSL, and Internet) shows red to indicate that the connection is un-encrypted. I can't recall which one it is, but think that it is the DSL light.
Once you have applied WPA encryption, it goes green.
It's best to save these settings to the router as they will then be remembered if you have to cut the power any time.
Don't know if that helps!

  bta1 18:55 16 Mar 2008

cheers six-h

that was exactly the problem, and I'm glad you poiinted out my network wasn't secure...
all fixed now.

  six-h 22:19 16 Mar 2008

Thanks for letting me know.
I'm prety much useless, and my own system is going down the pan, that was a much needed bit of good news, and encouragement not to give up....yet!

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