recycling old PC

  Photographica1 15:28 16 Aug 2007

Hi all,
I am thinking of upgrading my motherboard etc to give my old P$ a new lease of life.
When I have dne this, I will have an almost complete, but older PC left.
I was wondering if I connected it to my wireless network, would I be able to use it as a Back up - server type setup to save documents to?
If I did, would it need a monitor attached? (would be a bit big and I haven't a spare monitor!?
What are your thoughts on this idea? ist it viable?

  Batch 16:21 16 Aug 2007

Is it worth the hassle when you can buy a USB HDD for peanuts?

Also think of the power consumption over a period of time (compared with a USB HDD).

You'll need a monitor at times (for trouble shooting etc.) even if ypou can get away without one most of the time.

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