Recycle Bin problem with Windows ME

  Howard's Way 19:45 08 Mar 2003

I have read all the threads regarding recycle bin problems, but I have strange one!

I have upgraded my computer and have a 30GB C: drive and a 10GB D: drive from my old computer

Recycle bin will only display the deleted files from the C drive the ones from the D are there but wont display. Although in recycle bin properties it says it is seeing both C&D Drives.

If I go into MSDOS and look at D:/Recycled the files deleted on the D: Drive are all there and C:/Recycled the files deleted from the C: Drive are all there (as one would expect).

But in windows explorer when I display the hidden files and folders. The C and D recycled files are the exactly same only showing the C deleted files in both C&D Drives. The D drive deleted files are missing. But if I empty the recycle bin it shows the number count of both.

Anyone any ideas?

  BurrWalnut 21:45 08 Mar 2003

Right click the Bin and Properties, then you can decide if you want separate Bins or not.

  Howard's Way 22:05 08 Mar 2003

BurrWalnut, tried that first of all. Still no luck. Anyone else any ideas?

  flecc 00:54 09 Mar 2003

Try this, it usually works with this problem in ME.

Right click on the desktop and select New, Folder.

Then delete the new folder that is produced.

Right click the recycle bin and select Empty bin.

Restart the computer and check if your recycle bin is OK now.

Do those actions as a continuous sequence without doing anything else in between.

  Howard's Way 09:31 09 Mar 2003

Thanks flecc. but that did not work. Looked at all the recyle bin info on the threads and this is how I fixed it.

I renamed the recycled folder to recycle deleted it. That did nit work until I did it on both drives. The C:/recycled and D:/recycled. Rebooted the computer and emptied the recyle bin and now it shows everything dleted from both drives.

Thank you all for your help

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