Recuva - Does it work?

  compumac 21:48 26 May 2009

I have downloaded Recuva and have a partition that had no files on it whatsoever. I copied five files, jpeg, Word and Excel files onto that partiton and then deleted them. I then started Recuva to see if it would find those deleted files. After about ten minutes the dialogue box displayed "Stage 1 of 2: scanning drive for deleted files Current progress 100%"
It remained with this dialogue box for over an hour with the green progress bar at its extremity. The hard disc is still working away like mad. This scenario has been repeated three times. i.e. It does not seemingly complete. Am I missing something?

  Taff™ 07:12 27 May 2009

Like you I tried this program twice and although it completed the task, found nothing that could be recovered. Others on the forum recommend it so let`s see if someone can advise us where we went wrong!

  ened 07:17 27 May 2009

Last week I accidentally deleted some movie files and it couldn't find them even though I had written nothing to the drive.

I also noticed that the files it did find were all very small. There were no files larger than 1Mb found at all.

It did give the option of a 'Deep Scan' but as that progressed so did the reported 'Remaining Time' which reached 12 hours for a small folder!

  audeal 12:01 27 May 2009

compumac: It's funny you should ask this question today as I installed Recuver only last night to recover two mpeg video files. It found one of them and after about half a dozen attempts to recover it the file suddenly dissapeared from the list, even after rescanning the drive it would not find it again. I did try a search to see if it did recover it but nothing was found.

So in answer to your question, "NO" it does not work as it should.

If anyone has had success with this program then I would be very interested to hear about how they got it to work properly.

  rawprawn 12:06 27 May 2009

I have successfully restored photos, make sure you have the right option selected in the drop down menu where it shows file name or path next to Options in the top Right corner

  ened 12:35 27 May 2009

I followed you instructions click here to the letter but to no avail.

In my case I put it down to the fact I have a 64bit system.

  rawprawn 13:42 27 May 2009

Sorry it didn't work. I suppose retrieving deleted files is a bit of a hit and miss affair.
Still if the files are important anything is worth a try.
As I said I have successfully restored JPEG's, but that is all.

  compumac 13:57 27 May 2009

I deliberately inserted files onto the unused partition and then immediately deleted them, then straight away ran Recuva - all to no avail. As the partition had not been written to and thereby overwritten those files I would have expected some indication of their previous existence. I did specify the particular partition to search and the type of file. I therefore conclude that it does not do as it says on the tin, unless someone can advise otherwise?

  rawprawn 14:42 27 May 2009

I have just copied 4 photos to an empty Pen Drive and deleted them. All were recovered by Recuva.
I am not in any way defending this program, but it works for me.

  compumac 14:45 27 May 2009

OK - note your comment. I will re-install programme and try it again.

  audeal 14:47 27 May 2009

I found it did recover some mpeg files, but not all. It does not have the option to recover mpg video files, which is what I wanted it for. certainly no good to me.

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