recurring Agobot worm

  Peverelli 13:47 18 May 2004

I keep getting hit with Agobot.17.BJ even though my AVG is up to date. Firewall is up to date, so is my Trojan checker and I have downloaded & installed all MS updates, so what do I do now to prevent this happening?

OS is XP Home (freshly installed on a new disk yesterday, May 17th).

  mammak 14:07 18 May 2004
  Djohn 14:08 18 May 2004

Turn off system restore.delete all temp files and history from IE and scan with AVG to find then heal the worm. Re-boot and scan again, after a clean report enable system restore again.

To turn off sys. restore right click on "My computer" Icon properties/sys. restore tab and tick the box, "Turn off sys. restore"

Re-enable again after removing the worm from your system. j.

  Peverelli 16:11 18 May 2004

I followed your instructions Djohn. No virus found on either scan. I'll wait now, Agobot has been turning up 2-3 times a day lately.

Thanks for the link mammak.

  Djohn 16:34 18 May 2004

click here and read my post to the thread. [3rd. down] regarding Agobot. I also was hit several times in a short period of time with this worm, mostly with the ext. BK.

I did clear it though and asked "nellei2" one of our forum experts to check out my sys. log. She gave it a clean bill of health after checking sys. through the "Hijack this" application. j.

  Peverelli 17:57 19 May 2004

.. and I'm ticking this as I've not been re-infected.

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