recoving data off a laptop hard drive

  foster23681 14:28 07 Jan 2009

recently my laptop was dropped, and the screen has been shattered and the casing damaged. there is nothing wrong with the internals of the pc as far as booting up and accessing files/ programs because a small fraction of the screen works, just not enough to be able to recover files onto disc etc. is it possible to remove the hard drive, place in a caddy and transfer the data to another pc? after ringing the insurance company, they use engineers to repair the damage, but any files or info on the comp are my problem. the laptop came with its own recovery partition, but of course i cnnot access this either. i remember a friend trying to plug a hard drive into his comp to recover files, but he had issues due to an operating system being installed? my laptop is an HP G6062EA, amd tl-57 processor, 2gb ram, 120gb hard drive, and running vista home premium 32bit. there is also a partition on the hard drive with my media files. Please help!

  Spark6 14:36 07 Jan 2009

Provided you have access to a second computer and suitable caddy you should be able to recover your data quite simply!

  foster23681 14:38 07 Jan 2009

will i have an issue with my operating system? the second computer will also have vista on?

  howard64 14:41 07 Jan 2009

should not be a problem - does your laptop not have a vga socket on the back for connecting an ordinary monitor?

  foster23681 17:58 07 Jan 2009

would i have to change settings, or would it just automatically switch over? i have an old CRT monitor up the loft i could use, and yes i do have a VGA port!

Also just to let you know, i have purchased a eSATA/SATA docking station which says it takes "all SATA HDD compatible"......but not mine apparently!!!! my HDD is a Fujitsu 120GB 5400RPM SATA HDD part no: 469000-001.......the connectors are to big to fit???? i really am confused now??

  woodchip 18:55 07 Jan 2009

Will it work with External Monitor plugged in

  foster23681 18:57 07 Jan 2009

i'll only be able to find out old crt got binned, so going around a fiends tomo, will keep you updated.......!

  woodchip 19:01 07 Jan 2009

You could by a Laptop Drive USB Caddy for the Hard Drive. Then plug it into another comp

  foster23681 19:03 07 Jan 2009

i tried that today, purchasing a caddy/ docking station, but my drive wont fit! i aint being a retard, but hard drive is clearly sata, and the dock says all sata why wont it fit????? aaaaaaarrrggghhhh!

  woodchip 19:16 07 Jan 2009

Are the plugs different that connect to the drive? or is there a mount plate still on the drive?

  foster23681 20:50 07 Jan 2009

what a muppet!!!!! having removed the mounting plate, it still wouldnt fit, but a quick doctoring of the dock fixed that and everything is great!!!!! Thanks woodchip! you're a star!

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