Recovery from total loss.

  frybluff 10:23 26 May 2012

I understand how, with the right backups, and "bootable media", I could recovery from most problems, but don't know how, or even if it's possible, to recover from a total loss, like a fire, or theft.

Insurance would cover replacing the laptop, but would I be able to recover my "systems". A new laptop may have slightly different hardware, and its drivers, not to mention operating system, so I presume it would not be as simple as "overlaying" my old stuff. I have Acronis, and ext hard drive (hopefully wouldn't be "lost", in the same event).

Don't have this issue, now, but, after the event would be a bit late to think about it.

  wiz-king 17:05 26 May 2012

I download 'my libraries' to a DVD once a month and store it about a mile from home at my stables - I lost most of my computer files and the back-up hard-drive to a power surge that the filters and UPS didn't stop several years ago. Luckily I had a spare computer at work which had copies that were only about a month out of date, that's when I started keeping an off-site backup.

I only had a problem with some old 'word perfect' files that I could not easily recover, most of the files were common formats.

  john bunyan 20:04 26 May 2012


I have several SATA HD's for my desktop which are in Pull out caddies from Maplin. I have one in and running all the time and it accts like a second slave drive. On it I update data daily with Freefilesynch. I have another caddy that I occasionally mount and after a scan for nasties I make a clone of the whole of the main drive (about once a month) Tis is kept for a doomsday scenario in a far part of the house unlikely to be reached by a fire! I also have a USB drive on which I make images about once a week, and a second copy of my data. This is also kept elsewhere. I use ATI for clones and images , and Freefilesynch for mirror copies of data. For a laptop I clone as above on a portable USB HD, and do images and data back ups as above on another USB HD.

  frybluff 22:09 26 May 2012

I appreciate, with ATI, it would be reasonably straightforeward to recover, from, say, a C drive failure.

What I can't "get my head around", is how to recover to a NEW computer, should my current one be destroyed, or stolen. Unless the new one were identical, it presumably wouldn't be as simple as "cloning" the C drive, as the drivers etc, would need to be different. My, main concern, of course, is paid for software, that I wouldn't particularly want to have to buy again.

  Nontek 23:44 26 May 2012

I am pretty sure that the latest ATI does allow a Full Backup to be 'Restored' to ANY PC, not just the original from whence it came.

Scroll down to Universal Restore I think this may be what you are looking for.

Apologies if I am incorrect!

  john bunyan 19:05 27 May 2012

I think, with a clone , there would be few problems.

  Pine Man 11:17 28 May 2012

You may have trouble restoring to a totally different computer BUT you would certainly be able to access all of the contents of an Acronis Back Up file.

  frybluff 18:32 28 May 2012

My initial thought was that it should be simple, with an Acronis clone. Just buy a new computer, without OS, and "drop" the clone onto a blank C drive. However, the more I think about it, unless new computer was identical, in hardware, drivers could be a problem, which might be worse than the old-fashioned way of re-installing, bit by bit. Unless someone has a clever short-cut?

  Pine Man 18:56 28 May 2012

Have you not read the link in the response from Nontek?

Take your Acronis experience to the next level with our special Plus Pack add-on. This gives you advanced features, such as dynamic-disk support and Universal Restore, which lets you recover your entire system on a computer with a completely different architecture.

Isn't that exactly what you want?

  frybluff 19:05 28 May 2012

You're right, thanks, and thanks to Nontek. Looking at headings, missed that bit. Keep saying I need new glasses.

Thanks again.

  Nontek 23:10 28 May 2012

Should have gone to Specsavers!!

But I hope my link above helps.


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