Recovery started in error

  Tessa348 11:00 21 May 2009

Please can anyone advise. My son (not pc savvy) had a bootup problem, thought he was restoring but in error commenced the Recovery programme for his Compaq Pressario computer. He realised very quickly that it wasn't right and cancelled but has lost all the dll's needed to open up windows XP. I am trying to salvage as much as I can but wonder if there is any way other than a full recovery now. If only he had let me partition his drive earlier he would not risk such a loss of data. Does any reader have any ideas for rectifying. Recovery on hard-drive with no installation discs with pc for repair.

  keef66 11:10 21 May 2009

Does the recovery programme include a Repair option?

If not, if you can borrow a Windows disk you may be able to boot from the CD and do a repair of Windows. Make sure it's the correct one, ie XP Home / XP Pro / Vista Home etc

  chub_tor 11:28 21 May 2009

If recovering the data is the main concern you could always take his hard drive out and either install it in a good machine as a slave or put it in an external caddy and plug it into a good machine. Then you can use Explorer on the good machine to look at the drive and save the data before finally going back to the original machine and doing a complete Recovery.

  Graphicool1 11:33 21 May 2009

If it can't boot into Windows how are you... "I am trying to salvage as much as I can"?

  Tessa348 15:00 21 May 2009

Thanks for your suggestions - I am going to try to borrow an XP home disc as I only have XP Pro following this suggestion. I have already slaved off my own pc hard drive and retrieved some of his docs but his main loss will be his outlook messages and some of the programmes he has bought online, installing straight onto C: without saving main setup files etc onto external device. Many thanks so far.

  woodchip 15:09 21 May 2009

As Compaq is HP and the computer is not too old, with My HP laptop recovery saves all the info to folder or folders in Program Files after its run through Recovery. Well it does on mine

  keef66 10:34 22 May 2009

you should be able to retrieve his outlook files; have a Google for which files you need. I just moved our email onto a new laptop manually following some instructions off the net.

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