Recovery of a medion XP computer

  shelli_williams1 20:25 10 Jan 2012

I have an old XP computer which I want to restore to use as back up/storage only because I have a newer laptop. Everything is backed up onto the laptop so I wont lose any pictures/important files. When looking for discs which came with the computer I have found an application and support disc. When doing a computer search to see how to use this other people say they also got a recovery CD with their computers too, so am worried about booting from this disc incase I also need a recovery CD to re load windows XP? Will just using the application and support CD restore me to factory settings easily enough and have XP on it so I dont have to load anything else? Am I missing anything is it not as simple as follow instructions on disk and restore?!!

  robin_x 21:02 10 Jan 2012

Which exact model of Medion? (see the label)

Is there a Recovery Partition on the main drive? (Run Disk Management and have a look for a likely partition)

If you do have a Recovery Partition, it is possible to set it to boot from that.

But first, try your Boot options (eg F10?) to see if you get options that way.

You could also try booting from the CD you do have to see what options come up. It may allow restore from HDD Recovery Partition

Google Sources

  woodchip 21:10 10 Jan 2012

If you cannot find the recovery CD, Though I think the Support CD is the Correct CD to boot from. Which Gives you three different options to Try to boot from. The Recovery Partition is on E:\ Partition. But if this does not work you can use the application CD to Do a over the top reinstall of the Operating System

  BRYNIT 21:37 10 Jan 2012

Boot from the application and support disk, as long as the computer is the same as when you purchased it and the recovery files are not corrupt you will get a menu to allow you to restore the computer to how you got it. The recovery disk has a copy of the WinXP OS allowing for a clean install.

  woodchip 22:33 10 Jan 2012

Be aware, that if you choose the last option on the Menu, it will do a factory reinstall and wipe your files

  sharpamat 07:56 11 Jan 2012

From Memory you were correct that Medions came with 2 discs a Support and application, plus a basic OS disc. To restore to factory settings you will need the support and application disc. the OS serial number which should be on a lable on your computer case, but most imporant the Rescovery partion ( D ) must be intact. Without this you cannot restore to factory Settings. With the S/A disc in the drive boot your system.If the recovary partion is intact you will get the options to restore. ( from memory the instructions were German not Englist ) If you get a message that it cannot find the files, you cannot restore. The support and application CD does not contain the XP files. even if you find the original XP disk, it will only load the OS not restore, however you can then load everything manually from either your S/A cd or medions website

  woodchip 21:48 11 Jan 2012

On old Medion there are three Partitions later models only have two. the Recovery Images are on the Last Partition be it D or E as I said if its a Old one like both my medion's it will be on E. The Restore CD You boot weith it in the PC then Choose 1 of the three ways that you want to try to start your Computer, if you are not sure start from the top before going to the last 3rd option that does a full restore of the C:\ Partition

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