Recovery disk

  dotty44 12:40 16 Feb 2011

I had a problem with my PC running very slow and not responding, so i did a Packard Bell complete recovery, but now my PC is telling me that i need to do a recovery disk, i did one when i first got my computor , so do i now have to do another one please.
Thank you Dottie44.

  lotvic 13:44 16 Feb 2011

When you do a back to 'factory fresh' recovery, it is as if you had only just got the pc and switched on for the first time. So yes it will ask you to make a recovery disk (just like it asked you when you really first got the pc)

If the recovery CD you made the first time is a few years old it's probably worth making a fresh one while you have the chance as CD's can become scratched etc over time.
And anyway it means you'll have a new spare one which is good.

  dotty44 13:48 17 Feb 2011

Thank you lotvic thats what i will do , dotty44

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