Recovery CD

  sugarbabylove 16:13 13 Oct 2007

Hi all

I posted a thread earlier in the week about my new zoostorm desktop.

Bascially I switched it on for first time and it failed to install vista. I found there was a diagnostics cd in the drive which had apparently corrupted install.

They told me i needed recovery cd, which i got this morning. It boots up and tells me its going to recover the unit to factory settings...tells me its loading windows files..does all its stuff...then tells me to remove cd...I restarts..

tells me its loading vista for first time...i get a colorful vista screen with a little egg timer thing telling me to wait...10 mins later i get a blue screen saying its dumping something or other restarts and i get the same thing all over again!

Any seriously near tears here!!!

Laura xx

  woodchip 16:23 13 Oct 2007

Take it back,and ask them for another PC or if you are happy, to put it right

  sugarbabylove 16:26 13 Oct 2007

I want to see if i can fix it first..then if im not happy its defo going back..i took a risk getting a zoostorm as not a very well known brand, if i can get it working and its hunky dory fine...but if cant figure out whats going on here its going back...

Any ideas on what to do?

  Totally-braindead 16:28 13 Oct 2007

I'm with woodchip I would contact them and get them to sort it. If it fails to run from the CD then something is definatly wrong and it would be better to get them to sort it.

  Totally-braindead 16:30 13 Oct 2007

I was typing as you posted. Zoostorm is rather well known its been in the PCA charts many times, I appreciate you want to fix it yourself but its a brand new PC and if it won't even install windows theres something definatly wrong with it.
I would send it back.

  sugarbabylove 16:32 13 Oct 2007

Must be something I can do surely?

I waited almost 3 weeks for it to come, I just cant afford that time as Ive delayed a lot of work! grr soo annoying!

L xx

  100andthirty 16:51 13 Oct 2007

Don't even try any more. you shouldn't have to do any of this. A new PC should just work - a bit of whirring hard disc first time, perhaps, but nothing like you've endured.

It's not of satisfactory quality. Send it back to wherever you got it from and demand a refund or if you're prepared for it, a working computer.

  woodchip 17:02 13 Oct 2007

Also messing with VISTA is not like loading 98se

  sugarbabylove 18:14 13 Oct 2007

Does anyone actually know how to fix this though.

Yes Iam sending it back but if i can at least get on the thing i can see how it works etc.

L xx

  100andthirty 19:45 13 Oct 2007

From the symptoms it could be so many things; wrong drivers, incompatible hardware, wrong motherboard settings. Very precise descriptions of the words on the blue screen might just possibly give experts a clue (ie not me!), but your computer is the PC equivalent of jeans with three legs and a zip one side of the fly and buttons on the other

  lotvic 22:29 13 Oct 2007

""Bascially I switched it on for first time and it failed to install vista. I found there was a diagnostics cd in the drive which had apparently corrupted install""

to me that sounds like someone else has already had that machine and sent it back as faulty

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