recovery cd

  loser7 23:28 21 Jan 2007

A friend asked me to have a look at her laptop as it would not boot up. when i tried to start it i got an error message 'ntldr missing' i set it to boot from cd-rom and used the start-up/recovery disc. This seems to have fixed the problem but now she says it is running very slow.
I have defragged and ran all the usual prog (ccleaner Xoftspy Adaware and AVG) and have checked the running processes (28) and the CPU usage is v.low (between 1% and 3%) is there any other way i could speed it up a bit without adding hardware?
Also if i was to format it could i use the recovery disc to install win xp? Or is it only a recovery disc?
Thanks for any help.

  skidzy 23:35 21 Jan 2007

Does the disc say xpOEM or Recovery disc ?

If recovery disc,this basically formats the drive to factory settings and reinstalls windows.

If its the windows disc,you can format and reinstall windows.

Did you boot from a windows disc not recovery disc....apologies,but the thread seems a little misleading.
I may be wrong but as ive never heard of repairing from a recovery disc.

  loser7 23:42 21 Jan 2007

Ok it says its a 'PRODUCT RECOVERY CD-ROM' underneath that it says 'Windows XP Home Edition-SP1
As for fixing the problem with it, i was not familiar with error message so i googled it and found that the computer was not booting up from the right place so in my ignorance set it to boot from cd rom and stuck recovery disc in. It did reinstall win but did not lose any programs or files that were already saved.

  skidzy 23:47 21 Jan 2007

Firstly has the machine sp2 installed ? if not goto click here and install all updates.

Make sure the machine is clean before installing sp2.

However,maybe a full recovery back to factory settings is best and update.You will lose all software and settings and any data pics/docs etc...

Dont forget to backup those important data first.

  Strawballs 23:52 21 Jan 2007

As a product recovery disc it will have reinstalled all the junk that comes with a PC with preinstalled software, have you tried getting rid of all that is not needed and installed SP2 and all of the latest updates?

  loser7 23:52 21 Jan 2007

thanks for help skidzy.. will do

  loser7 23:53 21 Jan 2007

just read your thread strawballs i will do that. Thanks

  skidzy 23:57 21 Jan 2007

Hi Strawballs.

Loser7 says he booted from the recovery disc,but i am at a loss to how this can repair and not lose all programs and reset the the machine to factory settings.Surely he has booted from the windows disc ?

Maybe i am missing something here,it is late :-))

Ive never seen a recovery disc that has the repair option,only a full recovery to factory settings.
Any ideas ?

  Koochy 00:06 22 Jan 2007

I had this problem with an evesham laptop i had a couple of years ago it came with a "recovery disc" but if the instructions weren't followed to the letter it would just install another copy of windows over the top of the old one leaving all the rubbish behind how i don't know, This had me baffled for a couple of days and in the end i had to call evesham and they walked me through it on the phone. This may not be the same problem as you are having but it may be something to look at.


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