bumpkin 17:35 27 Sep 2010

Mon, [email protected]:21
emachines system recovery (will not shut off)
Hi again everyone,
some details,
emachine E3010
340 celeron
2g memory.
My son asked me to look at this as it had become
so slow.
Not wishing to destroy his data or apps or progs.
i installed another HDD and cloned his original HDD
to the new one using Acronis.
I have emachines system recovery Cd which I ran.
This is supposed to go back to factory settings.
When I try to boot from either of the drives the system recovery message comes up on the screen before anything else.
I have disconnected the original HD and run the system recovery on the clone, it says everything removed apart from OS and factory settings, fine
one thinks but every time i try to boot from either drive system recovery starts up again,
I dont get as far as booting up.
anyone had this or any advice please.


  bumpkin 21:12 27 Sep 2010

A bit more info, when I put the HD in another PC
it showed up in my comp as 2 different drives ie
local disk G and Recovery F.
I think it may have been partitioned and is always
trying to boot from the recovery ie F drive.
Any comments or help please.

  woodchip 22:16 27 Sep 2010

Check Keyboard for stuck key, it may be the one that starts Recovery Screen

  ams4127 22:53 27 Sep 2010

Try going into BIOS and make sure that your primary boot disk is set as "G". If it's set as "F" then, as you say, the machine will only boot into the Recovery console.

  lotvic 10:50 28 Sep 2010

"have emachines system recovery Cd which I ran."

Have you forgotten to take the CD out?

  bumpkin 14:41 28 Sep 2010

Thankyou for your replies.
The Cd not left in drive, tried another keyboard.
I now have only the original drive installed to try
and keep things simple so this is the only HD showing in BIOS and it is set as the first boot device.
Still it will not boot but goes into recovery.
I don`t thing this is the windows recovery console.

It says

"Preparing system recovery options"
then "PC Angel System Recovery"
then "Emachines system recovery"
then gives options of Full system restore (destructive)or Full system restore (with backup)
Choosing the Quit option restarts the PC but still comes back as before.

Any further suggestions anyone?


  woodchip 15:36 28 Sep 2010

Have you tried the one with Backup?

  bumpkin 16:17 28 Sep 2010

Hi woodchip, yes I did but on boot I can`t get any further
than going into the recovery thing.
Options are restore or quit whatever I do comes back
to recover screen. So I can`t get to any Backup if

  bumpkin 18:06 28 Sep 2010

Hi again, putting the HD into another PC it shows up
as 2 drives G local disk and F Recovery.
I can format the drives but not get rid of the partition so there are still g&f after the format.
I need to get rid of the partition and make it one drive again.
I have software called partition logic but need to be Eistein to use it.


  bumpkin 18:09 28 Sep 2010

There must be a simple way of removing partitions.

  robin_x 18:33 28 Sep 2010

To mess with partitions:

Right click Computer (My Computer).
Select Manage/Disk Management.

Personally I prefer EASEUS Partition Master or Partition Wizard

click here

Partition Master was not W7 compatible at first but I think it is now.

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