nota-clue 06:05 16 Jun 2008

I have a Hp compaq 6720s laptop provided by Aol.
The system was delivered with no disks at all.
What I would like to know is, Would the the system be able to be recovered from the hd in the event of say a virus.
The system on start up does offer an option for recovery which I assume is on a partion on the hd.

I have the following:
Local disk C:
OsTools E:
Hp Recovery F:

If not what can I do.
Thank you in advance.

  crosstrainer 06:16 16 Jun 2008

There will be a partiton to recover your system in the event of a failure.

It's ususall to make a backup and boot CD / DVD when the system is new.

The OsTools is your first port of call, and the F: partition is where the OS and recovery files are stored.

If you can run OsTools from the start>all programmes menu, it should walk you through the creation of backup media.

  nota-clue 06:35 16 Jun 2008

Thank you crosstrainer.
I can not see it in the start menu.
I was offered the chance to make a back up when I first started the system but as I had no disks, I ask it to remind me later but it has not.

  Les28 06:44 16 Jun 2008

Did you get any manuals with the pc ?
My partners got a 6720s hp laptop, got a booklet called Getting Started explains how to create recovery discs using HP backup and recovery manager. The booklet recommends you be on mains power through the battery charger when you create the recovery discs.
It Says,
1. Select Start, All Programs, HP Backup and Recovery, Backup and Recovery Manager
2. Click Next
3. Click create a set of recovery discs (recommended) and then click next.
4. Follow the on screen instructions.
Only one set of discs can be made for each pc.

My partner needed 2 single sided DVD discs and just marked them disc 1 and disc 2.
As you noticed at boot time you have a time window in which to press keys to access the recovery partition on your hard drive.

Have a look here HP site

click here

  nota-clue 07:52 16 Jun 2008

Thank you Les28.
That was a great help, only hope I can still make the recovery disks needed, as I have made a few changes to the system.
Will buy some disks today.

  Les28 09:17 16 Jun 2008

Glad to have helped. As far as I know the Backup and Recovery Manager program makes the recovery discs from the information on the preinstalled recovery partition on your hard drive as when it left the factory so I don't think it matters when you make the discs as far as changing programs etc in the meantime is concerned, the information it uses is already there in the recovery partition.

You'll probably have noticed not to use rewritable discs as they are not compatible with HP backup and recovery manager.

  nota-clue 20:03 16 Jun 2008

Thanks everyone.
Great advice.
Great site.

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