[email protected] 17:21 16 Mar 2007

hi again, im fed up with recent problems im having, and after checking everything out recon my c drive dual boot xp vista is to blame, i have differnet drivers, programs here there and everywhere.
so have decided to remove partitions, format the 'c' drive and do a clean install of xp.
i have 3 drives c 80gb, and all my games etc are on 'd' 120gb, so i think all i have on 'c' are o/s and my current av, so is this correct?
format c drive and boot from dvd recovery disks,
download all updates from m/s,
download av & update,
enjoy my pc as it was before i messed it up?
i shall await your kind advise before i jump
thanks again all

  Diemmess 17:54 16 Mar 2007

You are on the brink of either worse or "clear blue yonder", and wisely ask for advice before digging a bigger hole.

Do not confuse formatting with restoring,
Formatting will wipe a drive of absolutely everything. It has its uses, but is a last resort!

I'm sure you can leave drive D: alone for the present, but what is on the 3rd partition?
It may be the computer manufacturer's recovery drive.

There are variations on System Restore available, and that my be your best course, but I leave it to others to find a way out for you.

  [email protected] 20:43 16 Mar 2007

hi, i have done the deed!i wanted a fresh install of one of the o/s and as most of my programs dont run on vista i have gone with xp.
will look at vista later in the year no doubt, maybe on a second machine/ laptop, i removed the recovery partition some time ago, after making back up disks, and from what i can see all seems ok and fast, will post back if any problems
thanks for the reply

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