maizie 21:48 15 Mar 2007

Can anyone help. I'm computer dimwit. I would like to take P.C back to original windows 98. I am running illegal XP pro. I didnt know that when I agreed to have it installed. I have recovery disc. Is it simply insert and follow prompts. I am getting new P.c but would like to give this one to my son. Is it worth changing back to '98'. Would be grateful for any help or advice but it must be in plain talking

  Strawballs 22:47 15 Mar 2007

I have done just that with one that was given me for my son. You say recovery disc, is it a win 98 disc or one from a computer manufacturer because as it has XP on it that makes it a bit more complicated as it needs to be formated back to fat32 from ntfs.

  woodchip 23:21 15 Mar 2007

You cannot format back to Fat32 from NTFS. You need to clear the Partition Information by using something like Killdisk. click here. Then download tenth file down from click here Put a floppy disc in the computer after you download the file and double click the download, this creates a Win98se boot setup disc. After Starting the computer with the Floppy boot disc type at

A:\>FDISK press enter choose large disc support then create a Partition with the Program Make it active, Turn of Computer, NOT REBOOT. The restart computer with Floppy disc and Win98se CD in the comp choose first at
then press enter. at the end of Format it will ask for a volume name, just press enter this will then restart computer back to
A:\> Reboot the computer with both discs still in and choose CD rom support when it asks you, it will then after loading go to A:\> if you only have one Hard Drive and one Optical drive, i.e CD drive. Type at
A:\>CD E: this will change to E:\> type SETUP and press enter then follow the propts choose what you want to load.

PS forgot to say, after Scandisk press X to start setup running

  maizie 23:28 15 Mar 2007

It's the disc I got with P.C. Operating system recovery cd. I have N.E.C powermate, if that make any difference

  woodchip 23:34 15 Mar 2007

Then you may have a problem. or you may not. Try starting the PC with the CD in the computer

  skidzy 23:52 15 Mar 2007

Some good information from Woodchip,however if the system specs can handle xp,i think its best to buy a copy of xp and install that onto a clean drive using Killdisk.

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