Recovering reformatted photos from camera card

  simonjary 10:12 12 Apr 2009

Hi, guys.

I know that this question has been asked before but I', using a relative's PC in New Zealande arther than my own computer at home - which I must admit is a Mac!

I've downlaoded a couple of suggested photo recovery apps but which drive should I be searching for? I'm afraid I am too used to the rather more intuitive Mac structure, which would just list the camera name rather than a j: drive or whatever...

Any help appreciated, and apologies for the lack of Windows expertise!



  Technotiger 10:24 12 Apr 2009

I am not sure if this will work on a Mac, but worth a try ... this is a direct download of a small program that most definitely does recover deleted pics from any card or drive.

click here

  simonjary 10:26 12 Apr 2009

Thanks. I am on a PC here, so don't need a Mac program just advice on where to search on a PC using recovery software.



  Technotiger 10:28 12 Apr 2009

You don't make clear which PC, Windows or Mac, is actually involved. If PC then my link will work fine. With the card in the Reader slot you will easily see which 'drive-letter' is the one.

  Technotiger 10:29 12 Apr 2009

We were both typing at the same time. PC, eazypeezy then! When you run the program you will see which is 'the' drive.

  MAJ 10:30 12 Apr 2009

simonjary's computer is a Mac, his friend's is a PC, so CampicRestor will indeed work.

simonjary, double-click on the drive you suspect is the card. Then set CampicRestor to work by selecting that card drive as the drive to search and setting the C: drive as the drive where you want to restore the pictures to. Then Wait.

  Technotiger 10:35 12 Apr 2009

When you run the program, it will recover any/all deleted pictures. It will place them in the Digital Image Recovery folder in My Computer>C:\>Program Files>Digital Image Recovery.

  Technotiger 10:36 12 Apr 2009

Hi MAJ, joint typing again :-))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:42 12 Apr 2009

Smart recovery click here
zero assumption click here
are a couple more programs you could try if campic does get then back

To find which is the camera drive:-
Is the camera plugged into the PC via USB?
or have you removed the card from the camera and plugged it into a card reader on the PC?

With My computer(explorer) open if you unplug the camera or card one of the drives will disappear and reappear when plugged back in.
This is the drive you need to search with your recovery software.

  simonjary 10:55 12 Apr 2009

"double-click on the drive you suspect is the card"

That's the trouble, I don't see the card. I guessed at a C drive (only option that gave me cchoice of starting asearch) and that just seemed to download anything but nothing from the card.

Shouldn't a card drom the camera be a little more obvious? Sorry, I've been dimwitted by the ease of a Mac for too many years to have to strat working out c,j or d drives or whatever...

The camera is plugged in via USB cable. Any idea what I should be looking for in the program?

Thanks again.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:04 12 Apr 2009

Drives are listed in alphabetical order A and B reserved for floppy drives (hang over from the old days), with c being the system drive containing windows(usually), D is often the CD/DVD drive if only one drive fitted in the machine and no partitioning of the drive has been carried out.

If you have a C D and J
I suspect the camera drive is the J, usually the last drive when a connected by USB.

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