Recovering Recovery Partition

  rawprawn 08:35 23 Aug 2009

In view of loading Windows 7 in October, I wish to keep Vista in reserve but I have no Disk.
I formatted my Vista Recovery Partition and wish to get it back, or at least "clone" a slimmed down
version of my current Vista OS.
I have 2 choices
1)I have an old Acronis back up of the partition (not sure which version & does it matter) on 2 DVD's which I thought I could use.

2) I could use Acronis to Clone my current OS and put it onto a small partion

Any advice welcome

  sharpamat 10:04 23 Aug 2009

Type of system may help here. If this was an HP and the recovery discs had been made after purchase, doing a full restore to factory settings, useing the advanced options will restore your partition.

Your system maker may also be able to help, with a set of recovary discs

  rawprawn 10:08 23 Aug 2009

It's a Sony Vaio, and they didn't supply any discs although I still have the originals that I made when I took delivery.
I suppose that could be option 3

  mooly 10:16 23 Aug 2009

I think you will find that come what may you will stick to W7. Whatever "issues" you may find I am sure you will resolve and stick with it.
Are you sure you have deleted the recovery partition ? you have to be pretty determined to do that. Recovery discs you burn should be a copy of that.
Acronis versions can matter. They reckon the build you made the image with "plus 1" is OK.
Why not just use acronis and make a full backup onto the "D" partition for now, assuming your HDD is partitioned into two, or just whiz it over to a second USB drive.

  rawprawn 10:23 23 Aug 2009

Yes I was determined, and I did format the whole HDD.
I can easily make a full backup, in fact I have one on my USB External drive. My problem is that I have limited room on my laptop drive, and just wanted to keep the bare bones as a small partition
actually on the computer as a dual boot.
You are probably right though, having changed to windows 7 I won't need Vista again.
It's just that I didn't want to loose it, but keep it as small as possible.

  mooly 11:00 23 Aug 2009

If you run the recovery discs you made does that also delete and reformat all partitions (except hidden partition) and not just the C drive. Don't know why I think that... something from somewhere :)
What if you image your current set.
Then trim it down to what you want and get it running correctly and then use acronis to set up a secure zone on the HDD like your own recovery partition and perhaps use maximum compression with Acronis... don't know if that would work or not. That's not bootable though.
If you right click "computer" in the start menu and select "manage" and then under "storage" select "disc management" has the hidden partition really gone ? If not it will show here.

  rawprawn 11:18 23 Aug 2009

Firstly, yes there is no hidden partition I deliberately formatted the whole drive.
If I run the recovery discs I made, as afar as I know most of the first one tries to repair the "problem" and the second one reinstalls the factory settings.However I am guessing that if I make a new partition and install it there. That ought to be the eqivalent of the original Recovery Partition???.
I think Acronis might be the way to go and keep the two recovery discs as a last ditch stand if I ever need it.
My present intention when I get Win 7 is to remove all data and programs from Vista to just the bare bones,clone it using Acronis. Then after loading Win 7, create a small partion and load the Vista clone into that.

  mooly 11:31 23 Aug 2009

Trying to think, because I have used Acronis more in this last 10 days than in the last 3 years...
A full Acronis image of Vista with no updates and pre SP1/2 takes around 4gb of space as a "normal .tib" acronis file. I was amazed at that. Are Vista images available on the web or is that risky, as you will have a key to enter to validate.
No quick way I don't think. I would perhaps wait until you have a W7 disk to play with, then at least you have a means to install an operating system if anything goes wrong. Before you install it try your Vista recovery discs and trim that image down and save it.

  rawprawn 11:38 23 Aug 2009

Yes thanks, I will wait. I was just wondering what might be the best way.
I think I will eventually use Acronis to get to where I want.
I have been running Windows 7 RC1 for some weeks, and I find no real problems. I guess I am just mean enough to want to hang on to a copy of Vista
I will mark as resolved, thank you for the input.

  mooly 11:52 23 Aug 2009

Your welcome.
Nothing beats a clean install of any OS really.

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