Recovering from my Nokia mobile phone

  Bad Beagle 09:00 29 Sep 2006

Dear All,

I have inadvertently deleted three or four very special texts from my Nokia mobile - it's only a very baic model.

I would dearly love to have them back as they make me feel all warm and squishy (yuk).

Is there somewhere I can take the phone (I'm in the South East) or software I can buy (cheaply) to do this ?



  Aargh 09:13 29 Sep 2006

Yes, but you need this product:

click here

It wont restore the message to your phone though, only give you a printout. Did the sender save a copy that can be resent?

  Bad Beagle 10:36 29 Sep 2006

Thank you - no the sender changed phones soemtime ago (to keep her ex off her back !)

  Meshuga 10:43 29 Sep 2006

This thread should not be on this forum, it is for pc problems, not mobile phones.

  Bad Beagle 10:43 29 Sep 2006

Ah on looking at the site I think it may be very expensive and not the sort of thing that will be sold to the public !

  Bad Beagle 13:36 29 Sep 2006

Meshuga - may be correct if so I apologise, however my original enquiry included the possibility of a software solution - so I feel the helproom is appropriate.

  James. 13:40 29 Sep 2006

Meshuga may be right as you say, but it is not his place to say, only the FE should make such comments, so no need to apologise.

My phone a Nokia 9330 has many of the functions of a PC, and some more modern phones are more PC than phone so your question was valid.

  Meshuga 16:06 29 Sep 2006

It is not your place either to criticise me. I, as all members are, entitled to their opinions. Your phone may have pc features but no mention of that was made in the original post. You will also find that in many posts it is pointed out by members that it is the wrong forum. If FE objects to me pointing it out I have no doubt he will tell me. Matter closed.

  Bad Beagle 21:29 29 Sep 2006

Phew - thank goodness that's over.... now anybody got any other suggestions for my problem ?!

Thanks in advance

  jbaker65 09:04 30 Sep 2006

Yes, my suggestion is that you children should play nicely and not bitch at each other.

  jbaker65 09:06 30 Sep 2006

sorry, meant to add that Aldi stores are selling a sim card reader for the PC for about £5.

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