Recovering image attachment Thunderbird

  geoff47 13:09 03 Oct 2010

I inadvertently and stupidly 'Detached' an attachment in Thunderbird, which apparently deletes it, rather than saving it.
Is there any way to recover it ?

  northumbria61 13:31 03 Oct 2010

Try this - click here

  geoff47 14:11 03 Oct 2010

I have taken a look, and, for me, it was heavy going.
Problem being the email itself is still in my inbox, it is an attached image that has gone.
I have downloaded Recuva, it has found several thousand images, but so far not the one I wanted.

  lotvic 14:19 03 Oct 2010

Any chance you leave a copy on Server? If so it will still be there intact and using webmail you could either download it again or forward it to yourself.

  geoff47 15:16 03 Oct 2010

As everybody has said basically.
I have Virgin media broadband that does store ALL emails by default, but I recently changed the settings so it doesn't keep a copy on the server.

Thunderbird 3 does just as I24 says, gives the option to save, the named file still shows although it has been deleted, a windows search doesn't find it, neither does Recuva or PC Inspector File Recovery.

So I am dooooomed.

I shall have to do without it wont I ?
Another lesson learned.........the hard way

Thanks for the help.

  geoff47 15:43 03 Oct 2010

Will I never learn ?

Thought it might be a good idea to reverse the settings on my emails so a copy would be saved on the server, so this problem would be easier to solve should it ever happen again.

I ticked a few boxes after logging in to Virgin mail and as soon as I opened Thunderbird it downloaded 200 plus emails for me.........

I lost my attachment, but have been deluged with a lot of mail that was deleted off my PC months ago.

  lotvic 15:58 03 Oct 2010

Uhh? I don't understand that, thought you said you had no copies on server....

  geoff47 16:34 03 Oct 2010

They were the residue I didn't clear, when I altered the settings the first time.
They have several options, and being the cautious person I am didn't want to change too much at the first attempt,so basically everything has been deleted from the time I altered the settings, but what remained behind just stagnated there, until I tweaked another setting that deluged me with some ancient emails.

  lotvic 16:36 03 Oct 2010

Ah, right, thanks I was puzzled :)

  wiz-king 17:06 03 Oct 2010

Check the recycle bin. It's a longshot but it might be in there.

  robin_x 19:47 03 Oct 2010

Ask the sender to resend?

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