Recovering Files from "Dead" usb drive

  m800afc 19:08 13 Nov 2006

Following a crash I replaced C drive with my usb drive and reinstalled windows XP Pro. The old C drive was then housed in an external usb case. The system recognises the usb drive, the icon appears on "My Computer" If I try to access it I get "D:\ is not accessible. Error performing inpage operation". I have tried Tesk Disk and Drive Rescue but both fail to yeild any results. I am convinced that the problem lies in the master boot record or similar type of file, and the data really is there to be recovered. Any ideas for gaining access to the drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 13 Nov 2006

Tesk Disk and Drive Rescue but both fail to yeild any results

This is because both programs struggle when using a USB drive.

place the drive internally in the PC as a slave drive, and rerun the programs.

  Pineman100 19:13 13 Nov 2006

If the drive has suffered a head crash, then data recovery may be a specialist task.

If you have replaced your crashed C: drive with what was previously a USB external backup drive, can't you get your data from this drive?

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