Recovering files.

  Conny 23:47 28 May 2009

Hi all, hope someone can help me. My PC crashed due to a usb device error, (don't know which device), and I had to switch off by holding in the start button. It failed to re load and after many different attempts it finally booted up but as though it was the first time the PC had been switched on. Result was I lost all my pictures on Picassa. I have tried to search for them but to no avail. Is there a program I can buy/download that may possibly find them? Are they stored on a central server by Picassa? All help gratefully accepted as they are pics of my grandchildren. I have backups but not for the last 3 or 4 months.

  tullie 00:03 29 May 2009

Picassa only shows whats in other folders on your pc,are they not in the original folder ie My Pictures?

  tullie 00:05 29 May 2009

Just a thought,have you tried running picasa to see if it can find them?

  Conny 06:57 29 May 2009

Thanks for the replies Tullie. When the PC finally did start to load it said something like, "Starting your computer for the first time...." and I remember the only other time I have seen this is when I first bought it. It looks as though it has formatted the hard drive but there are a few things still on that I have installed so it couldn't have been a complete format. Thanks for your help anyway, any more suggestions would be appreciated.

  rawprawn 07:05 29 May 2009

Try downloading and running Recuva, set it to look for Pictures in the drop down menu top right next to Options.
click here

  Technotiger 07:17 29 May 2009

You could also try click here this link is to a direct download of Digital Image Recovery, an excellent program (and totally free) for recovery of lost pics.

When you run it you should change the search category to .jpg rather than the default, image, otherwise you will end up with thousands of images such as all the little icons/images within all your programs.

If you have photos in other formats, such as bmp etc you could run the program again with bmp as the search category.

  Conny 22:06 31 May 2009

Technotiger & Rawprawn, thanks for both your suggestions. Tried both sites and they did throw up a hell of a lot of icons, animates etc and multiple duplicates including some of the pics I wanted. Unfortunately they would not transfer to a DVD due to some error. Sadly I think I will have to write them off. I have a few of when she was first born on a memory stick in a picture frame so at least I have something. Once again, thank you all very much for your help.

  Technotiger 22:26 31 May 2009

If when you run Digital Image Recovery you change the Search criteria to .jpg, you will avoid all the little icons and animations etc so that you will only get actual photographs recovered.

I would run it again!

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