Recovering emails

  cocteau48 09:08 19 Mar 2007

I have inadvertantly deleted a folder of emails within T,Bird. Nothing important or critical in any way but I was wondering: would the folder in question be recoverable either using a previous system restore point or by by mounting a previous image in acronis.
I currently have four acronis images on my ext hard drive - three of them prior to the accidental deletion.

  recap 09:21 19 Mar 2007

The simply answer would be Yes, but the mail that has been received after the imagine in acronis was made will not be there.

  cocteau48 09:32 19 Mar 2007

Thanks recap
Could I just mount an image from acronis under a temporary drive letter or would I need to carry out a complete image restore?

  keith-236785 11:26 19 Mar 2007

would it be possible by logging onto your ISP supplier for you to access your e-mails directly through there, unless you have deleted the e-mails through outlook express or thunderbird they should still be on the mail server,

there is normally a time limit for e-mails to be saved on the server though so dont waste time checking.

not sure about thinderbird but it may be that when the e-mails are downloaded to your pc that they are removed from the server, but its worth checking anyway.

check out your web-mail at your ISP.

another option is to try a "undelete" program which might get them back for you...(i have never had much success with these though)

undelete progs are freely available from the internet, try a googe for "free undlete" this is not a direct link to the prog of the same name, it is for a general search

good luck.

  Catastrophe 14:17 19 Mar 2007

I don't know whether

might help. It depends whether you downloaded emails or not I guess.

Anyway, it is free. Just go to click here and enter your email address.

  cocteau48 15:34 19 Mar 2007

paperman27 @ Catastrophe
Many thanks for the input. As I have deleted the downloaded emails from my email client they are no longer on the ISP server or accessible through Mail2web.
Like you paperman27 I have never had much luck with undelete progs and would not even bother going down that road.
I will go with recap and try to recover them from the acronis image.
As I asked above I do not know whether I have to do a complete image recovery or can get away with mounting an image under a temp drive lettter.

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