Recovering dead hard drive....

  Phatjayunoi 04:10 03 Nov 2006


Just recently my main hard drive (Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 80GB) just completely died and I practically lost 3-4 years worth of important work/data to the point that I just completely became angry and depressed. It does not show up on the POST/BIOS status screen and it does not even make a sound as well so it definately has packed up.

What I am wondering, is there a way to recover the data that is on there. I have been suggested to some places that specialise in faulty/dead storage device recovery but also heard that the costs of this may be too expensive.

So does anybody know of a good and affordable place I could send my drive to recover my data back. Any recommendations from places where others might have been in the same situation?

If this doesn't work then well.....part of my life has gone to complete waste.

  terryf 04:52 03 Nov 2006

Have you asked local companies? real computer people not national chains, try using Yell for computer repairers in your area, not inexpensive but maybe cheaper than national recovery companies

  wee eddie 07:56 03 Nov 2006

Before you spend a bomb on a Recovery Companies services. Why not try an Enclosure?

That is what the trade calls the External Caddies that you fit an old HDD into, and then run it via the USB socket.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:30 03 Nov 2006

Not showing in BIOS

1, try on another IDE cable and power cable or place inanother compter as a "slave drive" to ensure its is definately the drive that is faulty.

2. No sound from drive could be faulty electonics or motor. One way to overcome this is buy another drive exaclty same and swap motor / electronics board

click here is for a seagate drive but the idea is the same for maxtor rrun through the chek list.

  Phatjayunoi 15:28 03 Nov 2006

For the external enclosure idea, no point in that if the hard drive IS completely dead. If no power goes into it, an enclosure wouldn't be much different as it uses the same connections.

I have already tried it on another computer and same problem. Nothing!

Buying the same drive (I doubt they even sell my model anymore unless I search on ebay or something) and swaping the motor/electronics board isn't exactly something like myself could easily do. And sounds sounds even more trouble and probably a waste of money.

As for local companies, I've been searching for a while and so far nothing.

This is becoming very infuriating and exactly some of the reasons why I absolutely hate computer hardware.

Thanks for the help though, but I am just becoming more pissed off every second.

  woodchip 15:49 03 Nov 2006

Two things you could do, first put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. after 24hours connect to cables and look see if it can be seen in Win Explorer. If itcan get as muchoff it as you can while you can read it. Second way is to buy a Drive that is the sam and change the controler card. this may be a stop gap just to get your data back. And it is what Data Restores do if it will work

  wobbler 20:18 03 Nov 2006

I had a similar problem, Xp just wouldn't read my drive. I eventually got round it by buying an external USB drive caddy, into which I put the faulty drive. I also got hold of a copy of Recover My Files. The software was installed on a laptop and the faulty drive connected to the laptop via its USB. The program although long winded recovered nearly all my files. The caddy cost $15 and the programme £40 for the license, but well worth it. Good Luck

  woodchip 22:29 03 Nov 2006

Is PC cannot even see the Drive in BIOS so I cannot see how a USB caddy is going to change things

  bremner 23:06 03 Nov 2006

click here will do what you want at a reasonable price

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