recovering data from Vista for a prevous xp instal

  ledi 10:12 01 Feb 2008

I have the Pc of my friend wich was previusly in Win xp operating system with 1 partitition. He has formated and convert his pc in win vista and has created 2 partitions. He lost his data that has in win xp in the same partition. I've tryied to recover from win vista with GetDataBack for NTFS but nothing, seems that this Pc doesn't have data before. How can i do to recover the lost data ? Do you think that if i'll try to install win xp i have a chance to recover lost data ?

  dumb_haddock 10:39 01 Feb 2008

Did he do a quick format, or a full format.

If it was quick then you may be able to run a live linux disk and see if you can use a data recovery program to get the stuff back.

Another idea would be to put the disk in another computer already running an OS and try and run a data recoverer.

Dont install XP, as it may overwirte any residual data from the last format, leaving it irrecoverable.

Btw. if he did a full format, all the data has gone.

Hope this helps

  ledi 07:27 04 Feb 2008

thank you dump_haddock for your answer. I suposed that he has tryied with a full format. But i've tryed before with win xp and i've recovered everything with GetdataBack even the hdd was more than 1 time formatted with full format.This is a laptop and i can't try to put the hdd into another pc.You mean to boot the laptop with e linux installation cd and to install linux and after that to find a programm recovery for linux ?

  dumb_haddock 16:36 04 Feb 2008

What i mean is not to install anything on the drive, as when Windows Deletes Something (the same as a quick format) it doesn't exactly remove it from the drive completely. That is why some data can be recoverable.

If you install linux, it may overwrite the data that is stored on the drive.

There is a version of linux that rund directly from a DVD in the ram, that does not actually use any of the Hard Disk space click here , which will possibly enable you to recover files from the drive.

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