Recovering Data from a Broken HDD

  Paulo1992 18:57 30 Mar 2008

Howdy Guys

My Uncle built me a computer a few years back now and recently i had to replace the hdd because it broke down on me (dont know what was wrong with it) - i was wondering if there was a possible way to recover the data from the broken hdd

It is currently not connected to anything

Any ideas would be very much appreciated


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 30 Mar 2008

Depends on how broke! Install as a slave into your PC

How-To Steps
Install Hard Drive

Step 1:
Turn off the computer and unplugg the power cord.

Step 2:
Remove the computer cover.

Step 3:
Touch a metal part of the computer to ground yourself, or use a grounding strap. A kitchen table is a great place to work on a computer because of the flat space and the lack of static.

Step 4:
Locate the ribbon cable connected to the existing hard drive.

Step 5:
Change the master/slave designation of the second hard drive.

Step 6:
Connect the second hard drive to the second connector on the cable (colored strip should be closest to the power cable). If the cable does not have a second connector, replace it with one that does, or use a second ribbon cable to attach the second hard drive to the motherboard (if a second drive port is available).

Step 7:
Connect an available power cable to the hard drive.

Step 8:
Insert the hard drive into an available drive bay and secure with screws.

Step 9:
Replace the computer cover.

Add Hard Drive to CMOS Setup

Step 1:
Start the computer.

Step 2:
Enter the CMOS setup program (the system generally indicates which key to press), immediately after memory check.

Step 3:
Use arrow keys to select Autodetect option (or comparable option for your computer) if it is available, and press Enter. If this option is not available, see step 5 to manually enter the drive parameters.

Step 4:
In the Autodetect screen, enter Y to select the default settings for each drive that is installed and bypass settings for uninstalled drives. The screen will return to the main setup screen. Continue to step 8.

Step 5:
To manually enter drive parameters, select the setup screen that displays hard drive parameters (usually Standard or Main screen).

Step 6:
Use the arrow keys to scroll through the list of drive parameters.

Step 7:
Select the set of parameters that most closely represents your drive (will be printed on a label on our drive) and press Enter.

Step 8:
Press Enter or OK (or Esc if the other keys are not available) to accept the new setting.

Step 9:
Use arrow keys to select Save and Exit setup and press Enter. The computer restarts, indicating the presence of the second drive. Your drive is ready.

If you can see it in MY computer then transfer the files you need to your main drive.
If not then POst back here and we can put you onto some File recovery software.

  rossgolf 20:23 30 Mar 2008

physically broke or just not working?

  Paulo1992 20:41 30 Mar 2008

I'm not sure to be perfectly honest sorry

I am presuming it is only just not working

  ambra4 20:51 30 Mar 2008

The section where the OS is installed is faulty install as a slave as Fruit Bat /\0/\ said an

see if you can access the folders you can than copy and paste to a cd or to the masters

hard drive

If you cannot see the hard drive after it is installed as a slave or the files the drive is kaput (dead)

  kjrider 23:10 30 Mar 2008

Just a little note. I have a spare PC running Linux.

One faulty HD could not be accessed on my Win XP machine, but I was able to recover the data using it as a slave drive on my Linux PC.


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