recovered from serious error part 3

  jack 12:31 24 Aug 2009

Here I have left off the rest of the machine dtae and cut to the error report data

Report Data

Thanx for looking

  Jak_1 13:02 24 Aug 2009

Please keep everything to one thread, one tends to lose track when it's spread over 3 different threads.

What capacity is the PSU? It may be that the PSU is not suppying enough power for the boot procedure or may be failing. I note that you have two internal drives and a USB drive connected plus two optical drives, try disconecting the secondary internal drives and the optical drives and leave out the USB hard drive and see if it boots up without crashing.

  woodchip 13:45 24 Aug 2009

I will go with Faulty Memory or Bad Driver

  woodchip 13:48 24 Aug 2009

what have you got in the Event Viewer after the above

  jack 15:19 24 Aug 2009

jack_1 you wrote
'Please keep everything to one thread, one tends to lose track when it's spread over 3 different threads.'

It is in three parts with part left off because the total character count per thread runs to 4/5 max threads.

Jim V7 & Woody
Will check that one out, thanx for the tip- I seem to forget more every day.
The machine is now off the KV- having made way to another beast that has come my way.
Will report back later.

  Jak_1 16:26 24 Aug 2009

It's not that it's in 3 parts that makes it awkward but that it is in 3 different threads requiring 3 ie windows open for the same subject and having to switch between all three in order to make a reply!

  bremner 17:08 24 Aug 2009

Is this a multi boot machine?

I ask as you error reports are being saved to E:/ Documents and Settings/Norman i.e on the 8GB E volume.

Whilst there is a large C volume which I assume has also got an O/S and another D+S folder.

  jack 20:14 24 Aug 2009

Not multiboot
Simply a single 2drives plus a little bit on one of them[don't know what that bit is about.]

Will run it again tomorrow and look in the Event viewer

  bremner 21:19 24 Aug 2009

What is on the E drive.

  jack 09:04 25 Aug 2009

Good Morning all

Windows in its wisdom has scrambled the drive signs
So the primary[system] is in the 8Gb labeled E[C]
Data is the 106 GB[ C called Data Store]
and E is 68 Mb [called back up[but empty.]

On start this morning it booted fine stayed up for a minute and shutdown with clunk'
Rebooted to Safe Mode but froze with 27 sec to go.
Manually rebooted - went straight to safe mode - selected 'last known' Up and running now for 15 minutes so far.
The error report for this last crash states

Category [102]
Event I/D 1003
Cat 10000008E
Parameter1 C000008E
Parameter2 6F8010d
Parameter3 6E6ea48
Parameter4 0000000
Can anything be made from this?

  jack 14:24 25 Aug 2009

So perhaps it is a com,ponented begining to fade out.
I'll return it to morrow and till the guy to think about a new computer.

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