Recover Unallocated 5GB Partition

  axelbrora 17:44 07 Sep 2008

I have recently carried out a clean intall of Vista after some problems with XP.

I now have a partition on my hard disk with 5GB of unallocated disk space.

Looking at Computer Management/Storage from left to right, which I think important, I have:

Black Header - Unallocated disk space 5.4GB.
Dark Blue Header - Windows(C:)97.51GB NTFS Healthy (sytem boot etc.)
Light Blue Header, Dark Green Band (extended partition): (D:)89.01GB NFTS Healthy (logical drive)

How do I recover the lost space and add it to one of the partitions. The "extend partition" option is greyed out on both the C: & D: partitions. I have Partition Magic, but from reading other posts it can cause poblems in Vista and should not be used.

Any help would be appreciated.


  woodchip 18:08 07 Sep 2008

You sure its not Mb

  woodchip 18:11 07 Sep 2008

PS this is about the size of my recovery Partition on a HP Laptop 5.41Gb

  axelbrora 19:02 07 Sep 2008

>>You sure its not Mb<<

No it is GB. Read the numbers, I have a 200GB hard disk and have lost 5GB.

  MAT ALAN 19:15 07 Sep 2008

Format the drive deleting ALL partitions reinstall O/S...

  Joe R 19:18 07 Sep 2008


partitions and formatting, should take up at least 12Gb of a 200Gb disc.

One of my 250Gb discs, has three partitions, and loses just under 20Gb.

  axelbrora 07:38 08 Sep 2008

This is not space lost due to formatting.

This is a separate partition that was created by XP while trying to recover from a crash. I have deleted the volume from it using Vista, but cannot see how to extend one of the other partitions to recover the space.

Obviously I can reformat my hard disk and then reinstall Vista and all my programmes, but this is a bit like using a sledge hammer to break an egg and if this is the only solution I will just forget about the 5GB.


  DippyGirl 08:23 08 Sep 2008

I have used Gparted click here to manage partitions on a VistaHP machine

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