Recover JPEGs embedded in other damaged files

  sopher 17:49 22 Aug 2012

I need to recover small unencrypted JPEGs that are embedded in a larger .evt file that has been damaged on a memory card. What method or recovery application can recover JPEGs from INSIDE files (that are not JPEGs), rather than ignore the wrapper non-photographic file/filname extension and declaring 'No files found'?

  Nontek 19:01 22 Aug 2012

This is a direct download of a free program that might do what you want. It is extremely good at recovering normally deleted/corrupt/formatted pics which might otherwise be lost forever. Not guaranteed but certainly worth a try.

Before running the program, create a new Folder on your Desktop, give it a name and then from within the program you can Browse to that folder where you should find your recovered pics, provided it works for you of course. You can cancel the process at any time, any pics recovered up to that point will still be in your created folder. You can even open your created folder and see the recovered pics appearing. Make sure you choose the drive letter given to your card.

A useful little program to keep on your PC/Laptop.

  rdave13 21:37 22 Aug 2012

It's an excellent program but if you have a hard drive full of images then you'll need a folder that can save nearly as much Gig as the HDD. :)

Be prepared. Originally posted by Woodchip here on these forums.

  lotvic 23:38 22 Aug 2012

.evt file ? That's an Event log file ? you open in My Computer, Manage, Event Viewer.

or is there something else that has the file ext .evt ?

  Nontek 08:29 23 Aug 2012


Just as a matter of interest, I got the program from a CD attached to a Digital Photography magazine, long long time ago!

  rdave13 11:13 23 Aug 2012

Nontek thanks for that. Found original post, link

  rdave13 11:15 23 Aug 2012

Even going back further, last post here.

  Woolwell 12:42 23 Aug 2012

lotvic's point about evt file is very good. I would be surprised if jpegs are embedded in an evt file. It would be helpful to know how the damaged file was created in the first place, how it got damaged and a check on the file extension.

  sopher 16:05 23 Aug 2012

Many thanks Nontek, and others, but a test of CampicRestor on a known good 2GB Micro-SD card containing a 1.9 GB .evt took three minutes to find no JPEGs. At least CampicRestor seems to be looking INSIDE the .evt file (holding 100+ small JPEGs). The normally excellent Recuva just whizzed round and immediately reported no JPEGs found.

My damaged .evt file was created by a camera set up to record events. Unsurprisingly my Win7 64-bit cannot open the file. I have spoken to the camera suppliers who don't have a recovery application they're willing to let me have, but they did say that there is available a free recovery application available, and of which they could not remember the name! Hence my search and post.

Jock1e, I've downloaded giveawayoftheday but shall not run it until I get desperate or time runs out, because being pestered by suppliers of 'free' software really annoys me - but I understand!

My HxD hexeditor can see data inside the file, so information is readable by a suitably penetrative recovery application.

  Nontek 16:09 23 Aug 2012

A few more to try ...

From another thread!

  sopher 21:37 24 Aug 2012

Thanks again, for the links. Working . . .

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