Recover emails and contacts in Outlook 2002

  DeeCee1669 14:19 19 Jul 2007

I have just installed a new hard drive and am in the process of transferring all my data over from the old hard drive (now set to slave to be used for backups). I have used the archive.pst file to import my emails onto the new drive but all that is restored are the 'Sent' emails. Neither my contacts nor my Inbox folder structure have appeared. I saved most of my emails to sub folders within the Inbox folder so there is very little in the Sent folder. I have to add that the reason for the new hard drive was because I had problems due to a missing hal.dll file. FruitBat on this forum kindly helped me to restore access to my files so I am able to copy everything over except for the pesky emails. I would really like to retrieve them if at all possible. All the Windows files and data files are still intact on my old hard drive.

  Taff™ 14:25 19 Jul 2007

You need the file Outlook.pst not Archive.pst

  DeeCee1669 17:37 19 Jul 2007

Thanks Taff

I have tried to use the outlook.pst file but it appears to be corrupt. Ironically I can locate and restore both my husband's and son's emails, contacts etc. When my computer was playing up previously I kept receiving a message to say that my profile was corrupt and a new one would be created. I have carried out a search for all .pst files on my PC and tried using them to restore my emails but the archive one was the only one that carried out a partial restore. I wondered if there would be any way of using the restore files on the old hard drive to access my outlook file.

  Taff™ 08:14 20 Jul 2007

Do you get any specific message that indicates it is corrupt?

I presume you have transferred a copy to the new HDD and you have a backup of the file still. If not please make a backup copy. Here`s a couple of suggestions, but please be aware that I can`t vouch for the solutions as I`ve never had this happen to me. (Recommend you always back up vital data to avoid the situation!)

TechRepublic, recommended reading click here I would try this suggestion first

click here Free Trial

  DeeCee1669 20:57 26 Jul 2007

Thanks Taff. I have tried both your suggestions. My Outlook file is showing as 0 kb which I guess is not enough for the recovery tools to do their stuff. I think that when my profile was corrupted my outlook.pst file must have been overwritten with a new 'empty' copy. Even although I've reinstalled Windows, System Restore still won't work. I have tried using the manual method that Fruitbat suggested by using the system restore files to overwrite the system,security,software,sam and default files in the System32 folder but it still doesn't restore my outlook.pst file. I have deleted all the files stored in my corrupt profile (backed up first). All the system restore files still exist back to 30/5/2007. I've also tried 'driverescue' and 'handy recovery' but to no avail. I probably should give up by now but I keep thinking that there must be a way - any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Taff™ 06:33 27 Jul 2007

Are you sure you`re looking at the right Outlook File? Try searching the HDD for all Outlook PST files. Put *.pst in the search box. Make sure you search hidden files and folders. In Windows Explorer Tools>Folder Options and View tab. Check the Show hidden files and untick the Hide file extensions of known file types.

  fyz 13:29 25 Jun 2008


You can try a tool called Advanced Outlook Repair to repair your PST file. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files.

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