Recover E Drive 3/4 full, is this normal?

  mad-friend 10:28 08 Oct 2005

my computer is 3 years old. The Recover E drive is registering 3/4 full or showing only 867 MG free space left. 3.05 GB used space. Is this normal? My C Drive has only 5.91 GB used with 3.31 GB free space. I'm not sure why Recover E has very little space left, please advise. Worried computer novice.

  User-312386 10:33 08 Oct 2005

Is this drive partitioned by yourself or by the manufacturer?

What operating system do you have?

  Belatucadrus 10:56 08 Oct 2005

The only thing that should be on your recovery partition is the manufacturers recovery software, as such the partition size should be fairly close in size to whatever files they've loaded, loads of free space is a waste and unnecessary . Using the partition for any other purpose creates the chance however slight for file corruption, just leave it alone until you need it.Which hopefully will be somewhere between never to very infrequently.

  mad-friend 10:58 08 Oct 2005

Thankyou for replying to me madboy, it's much appreciated.
okay, now I'm showing just how much of a novice I am. I don't know what you mean by partitioned so I'm going to hazard a guess. I reckon this drive must be partitioned by the manufacturer as I have never touched it or done anything with it other than to try a recent disc clean up and fragment.
Again ignorance is showing. Operating system? I'm hazarding a guess you mean windows etc. I use windows XP.

  mad-friend 11:14 08 Oct 2005

thanks Belatucadrus for replying.
I've not touched the Recover E drive until I did a disc clean up and fragment a couple of days ago, when I noticed how little space was left on it. I am curious to know what has taken up all that space as I've used very little on my C drive.

  Sharpamatt 11:37 08 Oct 2005

As already explained this is a section of your hard drive that is used by the makers to allow a restore to the original settings that were on your system when you got it.

There is also normally a disc which works with it.

Full instructions shold either be in your manual or on your system in a manual. These normally advise not to alter or deleat any of the information because then there is no way in the event you wanted to, that it could be as advised dont touch it.

As for the differance in space. If you look at the drives you will notice the actual size is differant.

I presume you also have a third partion ( or drive showing ) labeled D this is proberley where you can store your work.

  Belatucadrus 11:45 08 Oct 2005

I think you need to read your PC manual regarding it's recovery procedures, the recovery partition will contain data segregated from the day to day usage Drives 'C' etc. That will be used to reset your PC to factory settings in case of disaster. It's usually used in conjunction with a recovery disk of some form, but the details will depend on the manufacturer. As I said this is all it's used for, so when set up the partition size will have been set to be fairly close to the size of file the manufacturers intended to instal. Disregard anything referred to as free space on the recovery partition as it's not a good idea to use the recovery partition for anything other than its designed function.

  mad-friend 12:13 08 Oct 2005

I feel more relaxed about it now. Yes, now you've pointed it out, I can see the difference in space size. My D (back-up)Drive, like my C Drive has bags of space. I do have a recovery disc and a manual which I've read, also "The Complete Idiot's Guide" which has been well read. I'll take your advise on board and leave well alone. Thanks again guys.

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