recover documents from hard drive

  theDarkness 22:14 10 Jun 2005

I switched on my pc today, and nothing came up, apart from 'disk error'. From what I gather it seems that there is a rip in the hd cable (not the power cable, the thick flat data one... oops thats just my luck) thats caused a bit of corruption. I cant load xp up at all on my maxtor drive anymore, so right now Im using my overheating (!) clicking seagate for xp just to get back to the board *clank clank.. lol! Im just a disaster*.

Ill have to just copy this seagate xp over to the maxtor once I install all my progs back, but if anyone can help on accessing my documents folder Id be grateful.

I dont think theres a way around the 'disk error' when I start up windows from the maxtor, but all the files on the drive are probably ok, just the startup procedure thats gone awry. No way around this? I didnt make a recovery disc(!) so have no idea how to get into xp on the maxtor, and cant think of any programs that can access the 'my documents' folder from a different install of xp.


  DieSse 22:26 10 Jun 2005

If the "bad" drive can still be accessed from another installation of XP - then as long as you are logged on as an administrator, you should already be able to see the My Documents folder on the bad drive.

If not, you can try unhiding all system and hidden files .... Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - View and tick/untick the boxes as appropriate.

If you can't even see the "bad" drive, then you have a really serious problem - please ask again.

A "ripped" cable sounds very strange - how could that just happen?

  theDarkness 23:00 10 Jun 2005

I could see the old 'my docs' folder on the non-overheating-yet-somehow-no-longer-loading-xp maxtor drive *phew*, I just couldnt open it or any of its contents. Thanks for the reply. I got around it in the end though by right clicking on the non accessible 'my documents', selecting properties, security, and fiddling around with the advanced options tab in there.

Is it possible that even a small rip in the cable could cause such a thing to happen? Using this cable, the computer couldnt recognise either drive. Im using the default cable I got with my machine now, was in pc world today (the ripped one was free with the maxtor) and didnt fancy paying 15 quid for a new one. Ive no idea how the cable ripped, I only just got the system back from the local comp store after a check on my hds (result: 'we wont charge you- but 60-65C is OK for a 5k drive!' I also noticed that they hadnt put the graphics fan power lead back in, glad I noticed that in time. Strangely enough, when I switched the mains on after getting it back, the pc started up straight away without me pushing the case switch. It only does that if the system hasnt been shut down properly, but it didnt report that it had to check the drive for errors or anything like that.

As for the maxtor communication lead I can only assume that it had a slight nick in the top when I got it back from the store, and I may have made it worse when I took the lead out to put xp on the maxtor [switching it to master].

  theDarkness 01:43 11 Jun 2005

got my camera to show the case...crap quality (case AND camera!)- but its a budget job- you can find the pics here of my 2 yr old Time pc case..

click here

At the front of the case I have my dvd writer in the top slot, the cd writer below that, and the maxtor drive below that which is inside the hd cooler -with fans that dont work- (fans on the cooler can be seen in the front pics, Ive taken the front panel off which covers the fans so you can see). At the back of the pc I have a graphics card on the top slot, broadband modem below that, and sound card below that, and what looks like an earth in the very bottom slot.

Inside the machine I think the whole reason that the case fan takes air in at the back is so that the processor fan can suck it in, but I dont know how much is being used since the psu prob blows a fair bit out (at the back also.....hmmm.. recommended for a modern pc? no fans at the front as default)

So what do you all reckon? new case time to reduce the 50C processor and (almost!) 50C case temps then is it? ps- accidentally posted this elsewhere, so dont worry- youre not seeing double!

cheers for any info

  theDarkness 01:47 11 Jun 2005

yes thats the usually 50C and once at 65C clicking seagate easily visible in the small mounting area at the bottom of the case below the maxtor+cooler!

  Rogerfredo 11:20 11 Jun 2005

£15 for an IDE cable? Try Novatech or similar.

  theDarkness 12:49 11 Jun 2005

should my case fan be blowing the air out? I dont think the fan is capable of turning round as I think it clips into that white vent only the one way.

Currently its taking the cool air in for the processor fan to suck into the cpu. Or is this not necessary when I look at how many extras I have inside the system? Im getting 47C+ case temps.

What does anyone make of the pics?

  theDarkness 13:11 11 Jun 2005

Ive added fan1 and fan2 to
click here
to show it a little clearer.

Checked it out- fan definately wont connect the other way around, you can see from the back (fan1). Im positive that the fan wont detach and obviously I cant just turn the casing the other way. :D
Theres no way to reverse the fans motion, and the power for the fan will only connect the one way. is this just an old 2002 case that needs to be replaced?

  DieSse 14:42 11 Jun 2005

The fan shown in fan1 and fan2 just clips into the plastic holder - seen many of them, and installed them when not fitted. Just have a closer look - you will be able to get it out and reverse the flow (well 99.9% sure anyway!).

  DieSse 14:48 11 Jun 2005

I've just looked at the whole set of pics (excellent, by the way, for showing us all the details of your system.).

The fan, which I see is on the rear of the system, should be blowing OUT of the system, not into it.

Most fans have an arrow on them showing the direction of the airflow - but you won't see that whilst it's still in it's holder.

Also important is that your system is situated where there is a clear way for air to flow into the front of the cabinet - and a clear space at the rear where the warm air can escape from.

  DieSse 14:50 11 Jun 2005

You would also do well to move the cards immediately below the graphics card to lower slots. There is a very restricted airspace around the graphics card heatsink, which will undoubtedly be creating a hotspot.

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