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  Dark Knight 12:34 16 May 2004


I shall start with an apology as I am sure this must have been covered before. Tried doing a search for both 'records' and 'LPs' but returned no results in helproom. Couldn't think of other keywords to use.

Anyhow - problem - the old record player has packed up meaning that I have a wodge of old records hanging around. What I want to do is transfer them onto CD. Being a TOTAL amateur at this how do I go about it and what does it need??

  Totally-braindead 12:41 16 May 2004

Its fairly simple and was covered in PC Advisor May 2004 edition. Basically all you need is either Easy Cd Creator or Nero 6 an amplifier and a record player. You connect the amplifier to your line in on your sound card and follow the instructions. Theres not much to it really and you can alter the sound remove scratches etc to your hearts content.

  Dark Knight 12:44 16 May 2004

Have the magazines here on a pile (yet to be read!!) - bit of a backlog! will dig it out and have a read.

  Old Shep 12:45 16 May 2004

I am sure there was an indepth thread within the last week on how to do it. As you say search does not bring it up the only way is to scroll through the previous pages. I found click here if this helps.

  pj123 13:22 16 May 2004

As you say, this has been covered many times. But your first "non-starter" problem is "the old record player has packed up". You can't transfer them to CD if you can't play them in the first place. To start off with you need a record player that works. This is my way. My Hi-Fi system is 26 feet away from my PC, so I record all my LPs onto Cassette. I then use a portable Cassette Player and connect the Headphone socket to my Line In on the sound card. I use a programme called LP Recorder to record the complete tape to my hard disk (.wav file). I then use LP Ripper to split the .wav file back in to separate tracks. Once that has been done I burn to CD as an Audio CD using Nero. Takes a while but the results are good. LP Recorder and LP Ripper can be got from click here but there are probably some free programmes out there that will do the same job.

  Dark Knight 17:12 16 May 2004

wouldn't you know it... The May issue is one not in my current backlog. Currently looking out for it but hold little hope as the June ed is now out!!

PJ123 - you are right it not working in the first place makes it difficult. was looking to buy one of these cheap turntables for around £40 purely for the purpose of trasfering them. However transfering to tape first could be a good soln (as I can get others to do it for me.

Do you need a special cable to connect the Headphone socket to the Line In on the sound card (damn I must be showing my inexperience now!)

Will look at suggested software but will have a look for some free stuff also

  pj123 17:45 16 May 2004

The only cable you need is a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable. Common from any electrical shop.

  Deputy Dog 20:38 16 May 2004

Terratec do a lead for record deck to soundcard with a built in pre-amp. This is the easiest way from vinyl to PC as preamp allows direct recording all ready to burn.

  billy 21:17 16 May 2004

I bought Clean 4 as it has a version with a preamp. The instructions are not very good but the user interface is intuitive. It comes with all the leads you need. You plug turntable into pre-amp and Pre-amp into line-in socket on PC. You then play vinyl and record onto PC. You can then clean the recording according to taste or just use the autoclean feature. You can get free programs to turn into .MP3, or for better quality burn the saved .wav files onto a CD (I use Nero but think Windows Media player is free and does this).

  Dark Knight 21:43 16 May 2004

seems to be quite a good way (if not more expensive).

Just to be totally stupid but who makes 'clean 4'? tried typing into google but just brings up reams of cleaning companies.

found the terratec one looks OK and they do a usb version too although £20 more pricey.

  daba 00:37 17 May 2004

If you had included the word 'Vinyl' in your search you would have come up trumps. Well worth another go, there are loads of threads on the subject.

Here's one I found, in which I posted, all about the need for a pre-amplifier, and that some midi-fi's already have a deck with one built-in ! I know you say your 'record player' is broke, but which bits ???

pj123's methods involving putting to tape first will undoubtedly lose quality in the process, and then you have to cut-up the .wav file.... it all sounds a bit long-winded, especially as there is tons of software about that will encode the incoming signal directly to mp3 format without the intermediate .wav files.

As mentioned, I use MusicMatch for all my PC Audio needs, it does the lot, player, library manager, CD burner, etc etc. It can be downloaded click here and activated quite cheaply ($19.99 it was, may be more now but still cheap by comparison).

When I use MusicMatch to record LPs straight to mp3, I record each track separately, giving the album title, artist and track name for each.

The results I get are not far from amazing, people tell me the mp3 version sounds better than the vinyl....?

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