Recording from Vynil

  User-9F8AF0A3-F852-43C6-8A7B55A65FE9307D 19:46 12 Jan 2006

I have already seen previous advice on copying LPs & usually people copy onto CD. Presumably it would be possible to record to a memory stick or removable hard drive then play from there ? If I chose say 12 tracks to burn to CD, from the removable device, would the software leave out a complete track if it didn't fit or would I just get as much track as would fit ?
Is it a daft idea ? Looking forward to comments.

  MidgetMan 20:00 12 Jan 2006

All you would do is save to hard drive, your memory stick becomes in effecta removable drive so just drag/drop to there.

If you try to burn too much to cd the burning prog will tell you the file is too big.

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