recording video clip onto hd from wmp?

  theDarkness 19:33 03 Jan 2007

had this prob a while back with a bad disc-
my home video is avi on a badly scratched cd. the disc plays fine straight on the pc, but i want to put it on the hd.
i have tried connecting a divx player up to the pc so i can record the vid straight, but the player unfortunately isnt the best, so the video isnt as smooth as it should be (this would happen even if the disc was not scratched-most likely to do with the player not being able to deal with a high data rate).

are there any tools which would allow me instead to record straight off windows media player or any pc video player what is playing on screen with hardly any quality drop, without having to connect additional hardware such as a divx player?

i have a reasonable graphics card. i have tried various disc correcting software which do put the video onto the hd from the bad disc, but the video in the area of damage is a mess, yet the video when playing straight from disc is perfect :( thanks. its just odd if the pc can play it corrected on wmp surely theres a tool that can copy it to the hd corrected...

i am probably better off trying a tool that isnt trying to correct whats on the disc, but trying to record what is playing on wmp or something similar?? thanks if anyone knows of anything i could try

  skidzy 22:16 03 Jan 2007

If im reading this correctly !

Can you just not copy the disk to a folder on the harddrive ?

Sorry, ive read the thread 3 times and sure i must be missing something !

  theDarkness 04:53 04 Jan 2007

thanks for reply :)

i cant copy the disc to a folder as it comes up with the cyclic redundancy check halfway through- whether i try and copy the individual contents, or the disc in full as one image. its odd as it can play ok on the divx player (non pc) with no probs, although the frame rate isnt very good. ive tried the toothpaste method on the disc, but if it can play fine on everything other than my pc then I guess a new drive would b in order (although the scratch is visible!)

update- the disc doesnt play well on wmp either so i guess i need a good seperate divx player and will have to connect it up to the pc in order for a good record. does anyone know of any disc/file checking programs which are free and are fast at correcting video files from heavily scractched discs?

  brundle 05:33 04 Jan 2007

Recover with CheckCD (click here) then try something like VirtualDub (click here) to cut the damaged parts out of the video.

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