Recording tv programs

  baldyx 12:51 08 Jan 2009

Currently I cannot record on dvd recorder/vhs a different tv program other than the one I am currently watching.

Is there dvd player or tv that allows recording one program while watching another?

  amonra 12:56 08 Jan 2009

Simplest, cheapest method is to buy a Digi-box (tesco £10) and devote it entirely to the recorder.

  DippyGirl 13:02 08 Jan 2009

I have a Humax PVR (can pick up for about £120)
2 freeview tuners. So you can record 2 programmes while watching a third live or recorded (if you can find that much worthwhile)
Externalising from the internal HDD is a pain though, so if you want to keep alot of progs on DVD may not be a good option

  baldyx 13:35 08 Jan 2009

DippyGirl thanks for your help. What sort of problem/s are there with Externalising from the internal HDD ? Also I assume the tv arial cable has to be connected to the player?

  DippyGirl 15:20 08 Jan 2009

You set it up much the same as a VCR
To get programmes off you have to download to a PC
There is a USB port on the front of the player but you are advised to use a short cable so need to be able to locate a PC close by.
Takes about 40mins to download a 1 hour program (in my experience - havent done for a while but havent seen any s/w updates lately)
Also if you want to download more than an hour the transfer often fails at about the 1hr point so you need to split up on the PVR - does have some very basic editing s/w - then re-join on the PC
You get a .TS file which will play on the PC (VLC works a treat) but needs converting to create a DVD that will play through a DVD player

I dont do this too often so not really a big issue. Usually I just need to time shift

  eedcam 15:39 08 Jan 2009

No problems getting to dvd if you have a dvd recorder just run a scart from the pvr to the recorder and record as before but from the hard disc The humax 150 is going for about £97 at argos

  DippyGirl 16:32 08 Jan 2009

Thanks - didnt know you could do that. But no DVD recorder at the moment - if I ever get to the point that I need to keep things I will revisit.

  eedcam 18:43 08 Jan 2009

Dipy girl of course one might say if you hasve advd recorder whyb not record there first .Truth is since getting my pvr my dv recorder is pretty redundant.Of course you might have the odd prog on the pvr that you want to share /Archive. .Missed progs least for the beeb I use Iplayer to record

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