Recording TV Programmes on a USB memory stick

  geek84 09:20 08 Jan 2012

Hi folks

I have recently bought a new TV and after reading the manual it seems that I can record programmes on a USB Memory Stick. The TV has a USB port.

My question is - Does the USB Stick have to be of a certain memory capacity for programmes to be recorded on it, or can it be a standard one - the types which can be used to record files from a PC?


  BRYNIT 09:59 08 Jan 2012

To record several programs or films you would need IMO a minimum USB flash drive of 18gb to record more than one program, you would also need to check on the format the drive need to be.

As a idea of space a program lasting 40 minutes recorded on my computer from the TV card uses approx 1.5gb depending on quality of recording a film about 4gb.

Look at your instructions if it allows a USB flash drive it may also allow you to record direct to a external HD connected via USB

  tonyq 10:39 08 Jan 2012


I have recently bought a TV from ebuyer that as a facility to record to a USD stick. I emailed them about how much recording I could fit on a 2gb USB stick This is the reply I received.

"Thank you for your contact with our Customer Support Team.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide an exact figure of how much you could record on a 2GB USB stick as this varies a lot depending on the channel and what you are recording.

The general rule we use is 1 hour of recording per GB.

Any USB stick 32GB or smaller should work fine with this TV".

I hope this is of some help.

  Terry Brown 14:38 09 Jan 2012

I would suggest you record onto your hard drive first then cut (or copy) to your USB stick. The reason being that the Hard drive will save data faster than a USB drive and there is less chances of error.


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