Recording Streamed Music

  thegreypanther 12:25 25 Apr 2009

Is it possible to record streamed music directly on a PC?, - NOT by sticking the microphone in front of the speakers, but directly onto the hard drive.
I have Audacity on my PC, and the "instructions" say that you can do this.
However, when I try to follow the "instructions", it doesn't work.
My sound card is a Realtek AC97 Audio.

  eedcam 12:34 25 Apr 2009

My card is the same and it does it no problem have you set Audacity to Stereo mix though I'm on Xp are you on vista

  rdave13 12:35 25 Apr 2009
  thegreypanther 13:13 25 Apr 2009

Thanks eedcam and rdave13.
I'm using Vista 64-bit on the PC.
Unfortunately, in the Audacity Preferences panel there doesn't appear to be an option to set anything to "Stereo Mix".
In the Audio I/O I am given the following choices for Device, - Microsoft Sound Mapper, Speakers..., Realtek Digital Audio ...
For DEvice there is MS Sound Mapper, Microphone, Phone Line, Line In.

I seem to be missing a trick somewhere.

  frojimol 16:24 25 Apr 2009

Try "Audio Recorder for free" click here Click on the bottom package.
It's a simple but efective recorder that records directly to your MY Music folder. Just make sure "Stereo Mix" is selected in the Device window

  eedcam 18:38 25 Apr 2009

Emnmic using the link From Rdave did you click on using the control panel

  jellyhead 18:49 25 Apr 2009

Try this
click here

  cocteau48 18:52 25 Apr 2009

...or this click here it has a very simple one click record function.

  thegreypanther 16:04 26 Apr 2009

Many thanks everyone for their help.
My basic problem was setting the Sound parameters in the Windows Vista control panel.
Once Stereo Mix was selected as the default recording device, and the sound levels and balance were adjusted (from "Properties") everything simply fell into place!
The simple Audio Recorder for Free suggested by frojimol is extremely simple, and complements Audacity very nicely.
Anyway, thanks for all your help, - I'm now up and away!

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