Recording sound problems

  daisy2bell 13:03 06 Mar 2007

I have created an audio CD, but when playing back over my hifi I have to have the level at or above level 11 (it goes to max 30)in order for it to be at an acceptable level.
I have looked at the reconding properties, and am using "what you hear" and this is set to maximum.
I cannot work out why it is not louder on the hifi.
Any ideas please.

  Joe R 13:26 06 Mar 2007


it will depend on the mp3's you are recording the cd from. Do you know what bitrate they have been ripped at.?

  daisy2bell 13:33 06 Mar 2007

They were actualy WAV files.
Bit Rate 1411 kbps
Audio sample size 16 bit
Audio sample rate 44 KHz.
These were recordings of my own compositions

  Joe R 13:52 06 Mar 2007


Looking at your samples, I can't see any problems concerning volume, arising from your rates.

I record a lot of my own guitar work, (well "work" is an overstatement, noise is probably more realistic) and have no problems with volume after recording to cd.

What software are you using to record, and burn.?

  daisy2bell 14:10 06 Mar 2007


I've got 2 programmes which I have tried in turn. They are:
Easy Recorder

Creative MediaSource (soundBlaster)
I have also Jukebox which I have not tried yet.( which I believe can record and burn)
I have burnt the CD using both: MediaSource and Sonic Record now.

  Joe R 14:19 06 Mar 2007

All I can think of is that your settings in control panel-sounds and audio devices may need adjusting, the volume for the line-in may not be turned up high enough.

You will find this setting in audio-volume.

Hope this helps you. Regards Joe.

  daisy2bell 14:23 06 Mar 2007

They are all on maximum.

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