Recording radio programmes on CD

  Gilly1 11:00 25 Dec 2003

I have a new car which has a CD player, but not a cassette. Is there some way I can record radio programmes at home on to a CD so that I can listen to them in the car?

  leo49 11:24 25 Dec 2003

Obviously a 2 stage process - recording the broadcast to your HDD and then editing and burning to CDR as any other audio CD.

I've used JetAudio exclusively as my media player for a couple of years[and for recording radio progs] so can't remember which other mediaplayers offer the facility to record streaming audio.Most Creative soundcards also have this ability.

I assume you know how to burn a CD.

  Gilly1 12:03 25 Dec 2003

Many thanks, LEO 49 for giving me something really positive to work on. Happy Christmas from Gilly1

  leo49 12:08 25 Dec 2003

Reading that back it sounds a bit unintentionally curt. If you need any more specific help in the process do come back.

Happy Christmas.

  Diemmess 19:51 25 Dec 2003

Have an R reg Peugeot and attempts to use home-burned CDs in it are not good.
While they play happily in the PC or a Hi Fi outfit, or in the stationary car, the awful roads where I live jog the gear about so much that after a couple of bars the music gives up!

Most of the dedicated soundcard software will allow you to transfer tape to HD and some can manage it direct from broadcast input to HD,just thought you should know a home burned CD might still disappoint!"

  Sheila-214876 22:13 25 Dec 2003

Diemmess, you must live on the same roads as me. I have given up on CDs in the car. I am now researching MP3 but most appear to have a fixed amount of memory, like 64mb, 128mb etc... I am looking for an MP3 player that can take extra memory cards.

  Gilly1 07:29 26 Dec 2003

<Many thanks for your help. I shall try out some of the free trial sound recording software, but failing that (or, even if successful, if the thing doesn't work properly in a car), I'll have to listen to recorded tapes at home or get a better CD/tape player for my car.

Happy New Year.

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