Recording Radio broadcast on unattended PC

  AroundAgain 23:30 24 Oct 2009

Hi Folks

Can anyone tell me how I can record a 'streamed' radio broadcast, to start/stop as set up, please? I'm sure there has to be a way to do this, but can't think of how.

There is a particular broadcast I really want to hear but I have an appointment elsewhere.

I have hoicked out an old clock radio/cassette player so (hopefully) remember how to set it up to do this but am not even sure I can set the time/alarm as the buttons are a bit dodgy so am looking for a more advanced IT method.

There must surely be an easy way???

Looking forward to hearing suggestions!
Thanks very much

  BRYNIT 23:48 24 Oct 2009

A quick search found click here don't know how good they are.

  AroundAgain 23:52 24 Oct 2009

Thanks, Brynit
Your speedy reply is impressive! :)
Will now check out your links and post back
Thx again

  Stuartli 23:59 24 Oct 2009

Do you, by any chance, have a PCI TV card or external USB TV stick or know anyone who has one?

These usually come with PVR type software which allows unattended, timed recordings of TV or radio programmes as required.

In my case I have a Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card which I use with Showshifter - I recorded Michael Buble's Radio 2 show, for instance, unattended on Thursday night in order to continue to attend to my disabled wife's needs.

  AroundAgain 00:51 25 Oct 2009

Stuartli, sorry to hear re your wife - must be tough for you!
Thanks very much. No, don't have anything like you suggest, unfortunately. Seems I may have to invest in something.

Brynit, I checked out your link and onwards but the charge is in dollars, which put me off a bit, although not seemingly very costly. The other links from that page did either recording or timed playing of existing files.

I shall continue to check out these links so thanks to you both, for your ideas and suggestions


  BRYNIT 01:07 25 Oct 2009

You could try Simple Radio Recorder and Scheduler click here

It a free programme that allows you to schedule timed recordings, I've been messing with it. It uses you windows programs and will record anything playing through your speaker so you will need to have the web page/radio station playing for it to record.

  AroundAgain 14:33 31 Oct 2009

Thanks, Brynit. Your suggestion seems a good one. I havent' downloaded it yet but have every intention of doing so when I get the time.

As/when I do manage to install it and try it, I shall post back btu it may take me some time, I'm afraid.

thanks very much

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