Recording programs into DVR/DVD from Freeview

  Splodge 11:09 24 Oct 2007

I have recently purchased a Freeview Digital TFT LCD TV; model GU26DP.

I have correctly connected my DVD recorder (AV2), VCR (AV1), cable box and computer (AV4) and everything works correctly. I can currently record a digital channel and an analogue channel while watching another analogue channel but I will lose those facilities when the analogue is switched off.

However, I cannot figure the process which will enable me to record the Freeview programs to either the DVD or VCR. At the moment it does not matter but when the analogue channels are switched off here I do wish to be prepared.

It is not covered in the instruction manual!

Can anyone please explain to me how to set the DVR or DVD recorders to the correct freeview channel to successfully record them!

Thanks a bunch!

  100andthirty 12:29 24 Oct 2007

you have said you can record digital, but not Freeview. perhaps you would clarify?

I presume your DVD recorder has its own analogue tuner, but no Freeview? if so, you might find it a wise investment to fet a freeview box for it or save up for one with a digital tuner

  crosstrainer 12:39 24 Oct 2007

Scart connectors does your freeview box have?

If you have an unused one, you can connect it to the DVDR. The better alternative is to use a scart management system such as:

click here

I have a similar setup and although a bit fiddly to set up works great now...Never touch analouge now, the scart box takes care of everything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:41 24 Oct 2007

Your TV will have an AV out funstion (check the manual)

Connect the AV out of the TV to the AV input of either the DVD or VCR

Set the channel you wish to record on the TV
Set the DVD / VCR to the input channel and record.

  Splodge 13:21 24 Oct 2007

Thanks for the responses! Answering in order;

100andthirty; I have a Virgin Media Cable unit.
My DVD Recorder does not have its own Freeview but I note that is a possible solution, I can buy a DVD recorder with one.
crosstrainer; I have 2 Scart sockets, used as above! I had a AV Control Box 5 Way Automatic Scart Management - Vivanco SBX-99SE but it got so hot I was afraid it might damage my other equipment so I disposed of it... the bin!
Fruit Bat /\0/\; I use the AVI to connect my computer to the TV. This has a Hauppauge 1300 TV card in it which has Freeview. I can use to record but that still leaves me one short.. I record a lot! Looks like I am going to fork out for a new DVD Recorder. Thanks all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:29 24 Oct 2007

I'm confused!#

This TV?
click here

The TV has a digital tuner?
Your connecting your PC with its digital tuner to the TV?

  Splodge 13:44 24 Oct 2007

Fruit Bat:

No, it has a Freeview function. So, at present I can view or record all the analogue channels and the Freeview Channels. It is, however, a bit picky.

You have to set the recording to "Record to File"

It takes a bit of getting used to but is worth it; they only cost around £50 now from PC World (If they are still stocking it). The earlier versions did not really do the job!

  Splodge 13:47 24 Oct 2007

Fruit Bat :

Sorryu, I should haved yes to the "connecting it to the TV! The TV has 8 possible AV connectors!

  JanetO 14:02 24 Oct 2007

I have a similar setup, but my dvd is only a player. I have to use an intermediatory scart connector to be able to switch from dvd to vcr. It has 3 scart sockets, each with a button. When the button is depressed it allows that scart connection to work.

I set it up as my husband isn't tech minded:

TV scart to scart in FreeView (tv)
Main scart of Triple Scart to FV
DVD scart to 1 TS connection
VCR ditto
Ariel to FV
A cable from tv to FV
A cable from vcr to FV

Good luck and hope this helps.

  Splodge 14:13 24 Oct 2007



I hope you are earning at least 100K a year with that expertise!

I might try it but I am a little afraid of disturbing what is otherwise a very satisfactory setup!

But thanks!

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