Recording from PC to Cassette - can it be done?

  Nails_by_Dee 16:54 15 Jul 2006

I read the basics about recording onto PC from cassette or vinyl, but can I do it the other way round and tape directly from my PC? My husbands car uses cassettes and is a real music lover. It would be nice to make him some unique compilations.

Im not a total PC moron but please make your answers simple to follow. Thankyou

  ICF 17:05 15 Jul 2006

You could burn a CD then transfer to tape using your HI FI

  Nails_by_Dee 17:20 15 Jul 2006

Couldnt do that - I usually do it this way but recently bought re-recordable cd's as I use so many but my machine then wont recognise the cd when I put it in as normal.The cd burned ok and can be played on the pc but not the cd player. Maybe you can advise if I can change they way I burned (used Nero).... thankyou

  johnnyrocker 17:23 15 Jul 2006

take a lead from audio out/headphone on your pc and plug into aux on your hi fi switch selector to aux play music on pc select record on hi fi job done.


  Nails_by_Dee 17:26 15 Jul 2006

what kind of lead - is it one that I might find somewhere amongst the wires and leads I already have - there are laods stashed away that come with all sorts of stuff.... sorry to be so dense. Dee

  DieSse 17:33 15 Jul 2006

*what kind of lead*

One that fits the sockets at each end.

The PC end will be a mini-jack like the one on your speakers or headphone.

The other end is down to what socket (if any) on your hi-fi/cassette deck is the input socket - only you will know if there is one, and what type it is, since we can't look at it.

  Nails_by_Dee 17:38 15 Jul 2006

I found a lead same as one shown in the guides for doing the job the other way round. Sadly the unit I used for taping has not input atall. So this is probably a non starter. My next question has to be why then do these new CD/RW's not get seen in the CD player when the CR/R's Ive prevously done have worked no problem?

Thanks everyone, Dee

  Totally-braindead 17:49 15 Jul 2006

CDRs and CDRW are different that is probably why it cannot see it.

  bloo meeny 18:58 15 Jul 2006

CD-RW discs have lower reflectivity than CD-R, and so cannot be read by a lot of players.

Why not make and play CD-R's on your husbands cassette player ?

You can get a cassette adaptor (ARGOS, 534-2488, £9.99) which plugs in like a cassette, and has a fly-lead that you can connect to a portable CD or mp3 player, and should give excellent quality sound. Your husband can then still enjoy his cassettes - plus CD/mp3 compilations (depending on the player type).

  Diemmess 19:05 15 Jul 2006

The cheapest way, avoiding impedance mismatch and distortion, is to transfer your music to bog-standard CDRs.
Then use the Hi-fi route you already have and record tapes on the same machine.

  mike1967 19:07 15 Jul 2006

CD player for the car?

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