Recording online radio

  rainbow79 14:45 07 Mar 2004

Is there a way to record a radio broadcast that I'm listening to online? (as an MP3 etc?) Thanks.

There is I think an application to do this ultraplayer had this feature to do just what you want (see you have to download their player but it did or may still have this feature............................. happy hunting

If you do download this i have some more detailed instructions on how to use this player for recording....... if you repost but please remember
copyright laws still cover recording from net radio stations

  Diodorus Siculus 15:24 07 Mar 2004

I used to be a fan of Total Recorder from highfidelity but recently got converted to Audacity from which is free and will export files in a number of formats, including wav and MP3. Wav files can then be played on a regular CD player. So I can record something from BBC and listen to it in the car on the CD player there.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:26 07 Mar 2004

click here for audacity; new verion just released.

  beeuuem 15:27 07 Mar 2004

This thread may help click here

  rainbow79 13:55 08 Mar 2004

Thank you everyone for your help.

ollyboy77 - I'd like to be able to record interviews not music, just so I can listen again, although I suppose that's still illegal. I couldn't work out ultraplayer. :( Thanks again.

Diodorus Siculus - If I play the radio station in RealOne player and record with audacity it also records all the noises in the room. I'm so slow with computers, what am I doing wrong?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:01 08 Mar 2004

rainbow79 - don't know why it may be recording other sounds. Do you have any external sources going into the soundcard? Only what comes through the speaker should be hears, so I wonder do you have a microphone connected up?

  Sheila-214876 17:43 08 Mar 2004

Forget RealPlayer. Take it off and download Jetaudio from click here so much better and doesn't inundate you with popups.

Ennuye is right.Forget realplayer.Use Jetaudio for streaming and total recorder(£7.06) for recording.brilliant stuff

  rainbow79 13:02 09 Mar 2004

lule - where can I find total recorder? Thanks.

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