Recording old compact VHS tapes

  kettian 19:43 09 Aug 2006

I have several old tapes of my kids when very young from a long defunct camcorder. My problem is I can't record them too my HDD I have a Nvdidia 5700X Ultra G card Which has no input facilty and a Hauppage Nova-T-USB2 that only has RF (Aerial)connection but won't tune to the VCR. The last remaining VCR that I have only has Scart and RF connections, can anyone suggest a method of connecting the VCR to the computer, once the video is there I don't have a problem. Would appreciate any advice either software or hardware based.



  Strawballs 20:01 09 Aug 2006

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This is proberbly a better place but try to keep your thread to one forum otherwise it gets confusing

  rodriguez 20:05 09 Aug 2006

If you can change the RF output channel on the VCR then change it to one in the range of TV broadcasts - somewhere between channels 21 and 69. I set the output on my VCR to channel 44 then tuned the TV card to channel 44 and it was fine.

  Jak_1 21:42 09 Aug 2006

For about £180 you can now get a VCR to DVD player from any of the high street stores, Curry's etc. A friend has one and he is busy copying all his home video on to dvd's that way as he does not have a computer. He simply transfers all his camcorder tapes to VHS and then to dvd. He is a technophobe and even he finds it easy. I setup the machine for him and it took me 10 mins from opening the box to having found all tv chanels and making the first dvd. Hope this helps.

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