Recording from mini disc to PC > to CD > CD RW

  xoc 10:49 16 Apr 2003

Have CD-Rom which needed editing of sound track.
tried everything on PC but could not find a way to edit.
Downloaded audio to a Mini Disc recorder and succesfully edited same on MD Recorder.
my problem now is how to up load from the MD Rec to PC, so that I can burn it onto a CD-R for playing on another computer !
Any ideas?
Have all the gear on PC,and have WMP and Real One, plus Adobe Premiere 5.5, Cakewalk,etc etc.

  stlucia 11:59 16 Apr 2003

All the downloads and uploads will invariably cause some degredation of the quality. As you say you've got all the gear on your PC, there MUST be some software for editing music files -- even the most basic sound cards come with something that can do that job. Have you checked all the progs/utilities that are on your sound card installation CD?

I know that doesn't answer your question, unless it helps you to revert to your original method of doing things.

  MartinT-B 12:09 16 Apr 2003

I used the Microphone input from Mini-disc and PC saved as a .wav file, which I then converted to .cda (compact Disc file).

  stlucia 14:02 16 Apr 2003

To avoid loss of quality you need a digital connection between the Mini-disc player and the PC. Using microphone input (or line-in, or anything like that) loses you all the advantages of digital recording, as it is analogue.

The way you were trying to do it originally (CD-Rom > PC > MD is the only way I know to keep it all digital. So, seeking a suitable editor for your PC is still probably the best route.

I hope that some forum member who is more knowledgable about audio software will be able to assist.

  MartinT-B 14:36 16 Apr 2003

Your point is well taken.

However, there are still few PC's with fire wire and even fewer with Optical in.

In an ideal world one would have one of the new Soundcards with the Optical in facility, always assuming one's Mini-disc player has Optical out, but most of them do.

  stlucia 15:55 16 Apr 2003

I'm learning here as well because I'm not at all familiar with what facilities MD players have -- but, thinking aloud, there's no way of getting digital in to the PC via USB is there?

If he can't make a digital connection with his current setup, I still think that xoc would be best to concentrate on finding some editing software for his PC so that he can cut out the transfer to and from MD altogether, because his eventual objective is to get the edited output onto a CD-R.

  MartinT-B 17:45 16 Apr 2003

The Mini-disc players I've encountered have Optical and analogue in/out only. Not enough room for much else and keep it pocket sized. And in any case the Optical transfer rate is faster than Firewire or USB2

  xoc 01:37 17 Apr 2003

Thanks to MartinT-B and to Stlucia for your input, and whilst I feel there must be some way to edit the audio part of a cd-rom directly, I must admit that i haven't found it yet!!!
However, I did succeed in making a cd of the edited(on the Md)audio, but Could only make a data cd and not an audio cd, so am still not sure if the guy who made the original CD-Rom will be able to apply the edited version.
I trolled through all of my downloads which I keep in a special folder for future use, and came across a program called "Wave Studio" which I duly installed.
It took a long time to get the volumes right but eventually was able to upload from the MD via a digital cable from the Headphone socket on the MD to the Line Input socket on the PC, and succeeded in recording the track in Wave format which I duly saved, and was then able to import it into EasyCD Creator and was able to burn it to a CD-R.
Fascinating ,isn't it!! and very time consuming but we learn as we go.
Am looking forward to getting the CD to the CD-Rom guy, when hopefully he will have softwar which can use the Wave format.
Wil keep you informed.

  stlucia 09:12 17 Apr 2003

I think that "Wave Studio" is possibly the answer to your problem. Investigate a bit further and I think you'll find that it can do the editing which you were wanting to do (add voice-over, cut bits out of tracks, etc.). I think you will find it will also do this on the digital version of the music -- i.e. on the data which comes direct from your original CD without having to go via your MD player. If it can, when you've finished editing you just save the file(s) and then you can use EasyCDcreator to create a music CD (not a data CD).

One comment on your last post; headphone socket on your MD player to line-in on your sound card has at least enabled you to achieve something, but it is not digital so it will have theoretically lost some quality. The digital in your MD player has been converted to analogue output for the headphones, and then converted back to digital in your sound card. So, what you've got in your PC is digital, but it's lost something along the way -- how much it's lost depends on the quality of the MD headphone output and the quality of the connecting cable.

As with so many things, once you've got something that works you'll start to find ways to make it better and more efficient. So, good luck.

  hssutton 11:50 17 Apr 2003

I have just overcome my problem of coverting several music files into one music file by using ECDC 6 + crossfade, then recording to minidisk then back to the PC ready to burn to a slideshow VCD. fortunately I have Creative's soundblaster + Live Drive which allows the use of digital optical connections.
AS xoc says "Fascinating ,isn't it".

  xoc 12:38 17 Apr 2003

Am delighted for you.
I also have Creative sound blaster! but what's with "+Live Drive"Is this an add-on or a download? and if so, where do I get it from?

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