recording by microphone to pc

  cachou 11:59 06 Feb 2003

I have a new high powered pc with all the bells and whistles, but the only programme for recording seems to be "sound recorder" in the accessories. This works o.k. but seems to record 60 seconds only. My reason for using the microphone is that I have lots of collected folk music on reel to reel tape and an extremely old deck with strange looking "output" connections.
I had success with my Mac but it is also old and I wish to be able to transfer the files to CDs. Do I need a special programme or have I missed something obvious?

  redelf 13:17 06 Feb 2003

Your tape recordings will be analogue and need to be converted to digital. Not sure if XP can do this, but you can by a program called Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3, which will do it, and allow you to clean & master the recordings on your PC. It also has a function to record to CD as WAv or MP3, or to record to HDD as MP3, WAV or WMA. The deluxe version, which includes cables costs £14.99 at PC World. I have just started using it, and am still getting to grips with it, but I have successfully transferred cassette recordings to the hard drive. Now trying to clean them up (can be auto or manual) before burning to CD.Just don't expect anything super-quality at this price.

  goonerbill 13:22 06 Feb 2003

dont know much on the subject but there is a couple of magazines that speciallize in this area which come with software ( not sure if free or demo) have a look in w.h.smiths. also have a look around the web, must be some sites that are a help to you.

  cachou 11:45 07 Feb 2003

Thanks for your input. P.C. worlds phone centre quote £29.99 for the de-luxe version and don't think they stock a lesser priced version although I see it in the Dream Catalogue. However my main concern is still this----can you confirm that I can record to pc by standing my microphone in front of the tape deck (or any other music source of course. Sorry to be pedantic, but your confirmation would help. Thanks.

  redelf 13:32 07 Feb 2003

Yes, you can but I am not sure what maximum length of recording you will get.That may depend on what recording system your pC uses; mine is the recording centre facility on a Soundblaster Live 1024 sound card, and I can record full lenght songs with this. The quality is also likely to be poor. Have you considered getting some cables made up to use the line-out from your tape-deck; if it is a stereo deck you need 2 cables, going into one, for connection to the line-in on your sound card (the blue socket). This should give much better sound quality.

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