Recording me instead of music!

  Stuart Leyland 11:05 21 May 2007

Hi everyone.

My computer appears to have decided that my music is a much better thing to record than my voice! Allow me to explain...

I was using Skype about 2 weeks ago when suddenly the person to whom I was speaking said they could not hear me any more, so I fiddled with the volume control settings but to no avail. As I still could not find the root of the problem, I decided that installing new drivers may fix the problem. Alas, it did not :-(

So more detective work ensued. I came to the conclusion that instead of recording the microphone, the computer seems to be recording whatever is playing in Media Player (is this classed as the line-in?).

I seem to remember ages ago (in Windows 98 or such) there was an option to swap the line-in and microphone (or something similar) but I have had absolutely no joy in finding it in XP.

The microphone had worked for well over a year until it decided that it wanted a change! I would be extremely grateful if anyone could shed any light on this issue.


  audeal 12:07 21 May 2007

Right click on the speaker in the System tray.
Click on "Adjust Audio Properties".
Click the "Audio" Tab.
Click on the "Volume" Button In the "Sound Recording" section.
Then tick the "Mike Volume" box.

I hope this helps you out.

  Stuart Leyland 12:19 21 May 2007

Thanks for the reply audeal. Just tried your suggestion but to no avail :-(

Is there a way to restore the default settings for the volume controls?

  audeal 15:45 21 May 2007

The "Line In" is selected when you want to record onto your PC from an external source, such as a cassette, video or capture source. You can only select one or the other at a time and not both at the same time, it wont allow that.

May I suggest that you do not have anything playing on your PC when using the mic. as your recording may well pick it up or maybe your mic will pick it up if the sound is coming out of your speakers.

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